Balakrishna shares Satakarni secrets

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Natasimha Balakrishna’s 100th film Gautami Putra Satakarni is slated for grand release on Jan 12,2017 offering sankranti treat. Balakrishna speaking to scribes shared Satakarni secrets. 
Why did you chose only Gautami Putra Satakanri as your 100th?
It is just a coincidence. I heard many stories for my 100th but I felt none reached my expectations. At the sametime Krish came to me with this story. I never met him earlier. Amaravathi becoming AP capital and Krish meeting me turned out to be a mere coincidence. I feel nature and destiny helped me do this film. 
How did you feel after hearing to the story?
I felt it is my previous birth’s deeds which blessed me to do such role. This because no one did Satakarni role on silver screen and very few know about him among us. Many don’t know about Satavahanas just like they used to know about Ashoka,Sri Krishna Devarayaa, Ganapathi Devudu,Rudrama Devi. I felt happy as a son of legend NTR that I got golden chance to do the role of Royal King Gautami Putra Satakarni who showed the power of Telugu people. Dad NTR planned to do the roles but couldn’t do it as he entered politics. I feel he was the hidden force behind me ding this film. 
Satakarni’s histry is vast. How much did you show in the film?
Film covers from Satakarni birth till he defeated Greek King Dimithrius. Parabrahma Sastry’s research proved that Satavahanas are Telugu kings. Krish filmed after carrying research from historians and various information he gathered. He completed the film in no time in the beautiful locations of Georgia,Morocco and Madhya Pradesh. 
How you felt starring in a role never been done before?
It was a tough test for me. Father did Krishna, Rama and while doing such roles I take him as inspiration. This role was not done by any hero and so director designed the role in a perfect manner. Right from the costumes and mannerisms Krish had clear cut idea. 
How much importance you give for such historical films coming on screen
Our tradition and culture is very great. It is important that such films come so that people get to know the rich tradition and customs of our ancestors. Satakarni is a Telugu king who ruled entire country from Koti Lingala, Karimnagar. There is need to know about such greats at present. 
Your experience on starring along with Hema Malini,Kabir Bedi and Shivraj Kumar?
There is no film without Hema Malini. Not only she Shriya,Kabir Bedi,Shivraj Kumar played very well. Kabir Bedi strove hard after a scene between me and him was filmed where he taunts insulting Telugu people. Music director Chirantan Bhatt, dialogue writer Sai Madhav Burra did their job to perfection.
The film showcases the love and valor of mother? did you remember your mother in such scenes?
Not only in sets, as a chairman of Basavatarakam Indo American Cancer Institute, I always remember my mother. I feel Durmukhi year is poweful for women. I am happy that I am doing important role in a film which shows the power of women. 
Did you take time to understand the thought process of young director Krish?
No. Though Krish did very few films, all are of different genres. Even I happen to see English films. Krish has a cacpacity of Steven Spielberg. 
Did you train in horse riding of sword fights for the film war scenes?
Not only now even earlier I never learnt anything for Aditya 369 and Bhairava Dweepam. The moment I enter into the role, I donot care about anything IN Legend, I did the scene where I ride horse and break the glass without dupe. 
Are you thinking of records?
My films are competing with my own films. My records are my targets. I feel Satakarni will break all the records of Legend. This sankranti Chiranjeevi’s film is coming and without competition, real talent will not come out. This sankranti is seeing good films. My film and Chiranjeevi’s film should do well and only if all films do well, industry will prosper.
Is your next Rythu?
We consulted Amitabh Bachchan for key role. If Big B donot give consent, Rythu will not be there. Big B is yet to respond. 
Dad is my inspiration?
I am blessed with Dad’s mannersims and dialogue delivery. When he used to do the role of Duryodhan he used to look like a wrestler and during that time even I was scared to go to the sets. He used to look soft as Krishna and I used to go to his sets happily. When he used to don the role of Karna,he used to give advices. 

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