Araku Road Lo Movie Review

Movie: Araku Road Lo

Rating: 2.5/5

Director: Vasudev

Behind The Screens

Puri Jagannath’s brother Sai Ram Shankar who despite all the backing is failing to score his first commercial hit is coming to entertain movie lovers with ‘Araku Road Lo’. Sai Ram Shankar was last seen in ‘Romeo’ and let us sees what impact he made on movie lovers.

Story Line

Innocent lorry driver Rajau aka Putu Raju (Sai Ram Shankar) works hard to get his niece cured from the life threatening disease. Despite all this he tries to impress beautiful lady cop (Nikesha Patel). In his quest to earn 5lakhs for medical expenses, he works overtime and in the process gets shock of his life when he finds dead bodies in his lorry. Enjoy ‘Araku Road Lo’ on silver screen to findout the connection between Raju and the dead bodies.

Star Shine

Sai Ram Shankar performed well within his limits. Though he is ok as fearing person suffering from stammer, he could have come up with even better expressions. His looks didn’t suit him as he sported the same rugged look. Nikesha Patel starred in inconsequential role. She did not get chance either to perform or indulge in beauty blast. Others are ok in their roles.


Director Vasudev came with pretty ordinary story with no real twists and turns. His story, screen-play and direction turned out to be below average. First half is ok compared to the second half. Couple of comedy scenes involving Prudhvi attracts and except that it tests the patience of viewers. Film has nothing much to offer to movie lovers and it is a torture to all. Overall director failed with his execution.


Rahul Raj and Vasudev’s music failed to attract movie lovers. Even background score his not up to the mark. Music and background score failed to elevate the film in any manner. Cinematography is below average and many after watching the film wonder how could the filmmakers missed to capture the scenic beauty of Araku valley. Editing left lot to be desired as there are many unwanted scenes in the film. Production values are okay.

Movie Marks

Araku Road Lo has no ‘S’ appeal.


Cast: Sai Ram Shankar, Nikesha Patel, Kamal Kamaraju, Abhimanyu Singh, Kovai Sarala and others

Music: Rahul Raj, Vasudev

Banner: Seshadri Creations

Release: Dec. 2nd, 2016