Baahubali-2 Poster Increasing Suspense on Kattappa Secret

Ace director Rajamouli who created mark of Telugu Cinema on top of the world with magnums film Baahubali – The Beginning is going to create another history with its series Baahubali – The Conclusion.

After watching Baahubali everyone raised the question Why Kattappa Killed Baahubali? This question has become million dollar hypothetical question to everyone at time of Baahubali release.

Later the curiosity of Why Kattappa Killed Baahubali has slow down in industry, our creative Jakkanna who is known for unique publicity is again trying to create curiosity on audience while the Baahubali- Conclusion is heading for release on April 28th.

Today he posted couple of images in his twitter page of Baahubali 2 where one of the poster grabbed the attention of everyone.. the poster shows Kattappa holds a kid and on other side Kattappa kills Baahubali.

Rajamouli made some interesting tweets along with this poster as, “ Our designer jegan came up with this idea. Couldn’t help but tweet, though unscheduled. ….The boy he raised……The man he killed… #Baahubali2”.

Rajamouli’s designer, Jegan came up with this idea and Rajamouli loved it so much that he posted the tweets on his page and I got so excited looking at this that I could not stop myself from sharing it with you guys!!!! Amazing work Jegan. The way you put up Katappa’s unconditional love expression and that fearful killing expression on the same poster is outstanding.

Promotional activities are on full swing, on part of it today Rajamouli had face book live interview and makers are releasing the books of each character one after another.

The trailer is going to release on March 16th morning on big screens and later after 4PM on same day it will release on internet. The film is releasing in grand manner on April 28th.

Hold the excitement till that day to know Why Kattappa killed Baahubali?