Bethaludu Review

Movie:      Bethaludu

Rating:     2.5/5

Director:   Pradeep Krishna Moorthy

Behind The Screens
Vijay Antony who created sensation with Bichchagadu is now coming to entertain movie lovers turning Betaludu. Let us see what impact he made with Betaludu. 
Story Line
Software Engineer Dinesh (Vijay Antony) suddenly starts hearing shocking voices asking him to kill himself right after he gets married to an orphan Aishwarya (Arundhati Nair). 
Vijay Antony is terribly disturbed and consults various doctors but things take a serious turn when he was accused of killing his own friend. He starts hearing names of Jayalakshmi and inner voice ordering him to kill her. Unravel the mystery of Betaludu in theatres. 
Star Shine
Vijay Antony showed his acting prowess in the film. He stunned with his expressions and emotions casting a magic spell on movie lovers. Arudhati Nair attracted with her performance and complimented Vijay Antony with her looks. 
Y.Gee.Mahendra,Charu Haasan, Siddhartha Shankar,Kamal Krishna,Kitty and others performed their roles according to the story. 
Director on debut came with different story to surprise viewers. He managed to increase the interest levels with the twists and turns in the fast paced first half ending it witha  good interval bang. However in the second half much to the disappointment interest levels dip and twists disappear with the film taking a routine turn. Pre climax generate interest once again but climax turned out to be just routine. Director left many questions unanswered and confused people letting many logics go for a toss. 
Over all Betaludu create considerable interest among movie lovers with its twists and turns in the first half but lack of commercial elements may put away masses. 
Music of Vijay Antony is good. He made powerful impact with the background score. Cinematography is quite good and editing is ok. It could have been better in the second half where some drages appeared. Production values are impressive. 
Movie Marks
Overall engaging first half and disappointing second half along with climax makes the movie an average film. It might be difficult to survive in Telugu at box office being a dubbing film.
Cast: Vijay Antony, Arundathi Nair,Charu Hasan,Meera Krishan,YG.Mahendra, Siddhartha Shankar,Kamal Krishna,Kitty and others
Director: Pradeep Krishna Moorthy
Producer: Fathima Vijay Antony
Music: Vijay Antony
Cinematography: Pradeep Kalipurayath
Editing: Veera Senthil Raj
Banner: Vijay Antony Film Corporation
Release: Dec 1,2017