Chiranjeevi Shares Khaidi Secrets with Scribes

Mega Star Chiranjeevi is all set to show his power on silver screen after a gap of ten long years with his 150th film ‘Khaidi No 150’. Expectations are soaring high and Chiranjeevi speaking to scribes shared the secrets of Khaidi and his future plans.

How do you feel on his comeback film releasing during sankranti?

My films releasing during sankranti is nothing new but this is special and I am happy that my 150th is releasing during sankranti season.

What you remember about Sankranti?

I remember how I celebrated along with my aunts during my childhood in Mogaltooru. Though all were my aunts, they are of my age group and I used to do gobbemmalu, rangolis, bhogi fire, clay dung etc.

How you felt on return to sets after ten years with Khaidi?

I might not have starred in films but I never detached completely from the film industry. However I had a new feeling after entering into the sets. Though the atmosphere was not new, technology and film taking changed a lot. During ‘Shankrar Dada Zindabad’ there used to be film and clap. But now they are done away with and everything turned digital. After entering sets, I felt this is my kingdom and got energised.

Why did you feel Katti remake as best suited for your 150?

I tried a lot to get the powerful story for my comeback which will live upto the expectations of many. During that time I happened to watch ‘Katti’ and I felt it had social message and also commercial elements. I felt that the film will turnout to be superhit in the lines of ‘Tagore’.

Your name not seen as a producer but your son Ram charan turned producer with his 9th film

I never got the thought of producing films. But Ram Charan told that we have so many resources and why don’t we produce films and as such he emerged successful with his first outing.

Are there any changes in the original and remake?

‘Katti’ is loaded with political flavour. ‘Khaidi No 150’ has lot of corporate angle. Compared to Tamil one, Telugu re-make is racy and I will be seen in dual role.

Why did you do a remake?

When I did Tagore,movie lovers congratulated me. Katti too is a message oriented film like Tagore and Stalin. Film deals with rich and affluent not repaying bank loans and enjoying lavish life in foreign while farmers are commiting suicides unable to pay the loans.

Are you tensed with the film release?

I am confident about the story and the film. We have changed the monotony scenes and sngs situations in Tamil original Katti. Added some new comedy scenes.There is no relevance to Tamil and Telugu dialogues. Small stress is there and it cannot be avoided.

What about your take on first day collections and records.

I have zero knowledge about film collections. After watching the first copy I will not think abut othere things. All films Balakrishna’s Satakarni, Narayanamurthy’s Headconstable Venkatramaiah and Sharvanand’s Shatamanam Bhavati should do well.

Hindi heroes are doing roles according to the age. Why Tollywood heroes are not doing it.

Now Venkatesh is doing Guru. Rajinikanth acted as a youngster in Robot and Lingaa and did aged role in Kabali. Even I am ready for such challenging roles.

Can we expect PK kind of film from you?

Except for the first scene where Amir Khan comes nude with transistor, I am ready for anything. I have my limitations as an actor and I don’t have talent of Amir Khan.

Do you have any dream roles?

ANR used to say that he would love to act till his last breath. He is a great soul and realised his dream. Any actor would like to act till his end but one should introspect if viewers donot accept.

You look slim in your role?

One should congratulate Ram Charan for it. He looked after my fitness, diet etc and so I shed 9 kgs.

You showed the same power in dances. Do you practise in dances?

After ‘Shankar Dada Zindabad’ I never thought about dances. However whenever I heard music, just like Shruti Haasan in ‘Race Gurram’,used to dance in my mind itself.

Chiranjeevi is known for class films like ‘Rudraveena, Swayam krushi, Apadbhandhavudu’. What changes you noticed in commercial films and class films

I enjoyed as an actor doing films like ‘Rudraveena, Swayam Krushi, Apadbhandhavudu’ but commercial films entertain viewers especially my fans. Rajinikanth always used to say, more than what we want, actors should think of what fans want and try to entertain them.

What do you feel turning back after 150 films?

There are many stars who did 300,350 films. However it is a great milestone and I decided to do at least two films per year from now on.

On Ram Charan’s journey as an actor

He is going with perfect planning. Sometime back he starred in family entertainer ‘Govindudu Andari Vaadele’ and more recently impressed as an actor in ‘Dhruva’.

For ‘Khaidi’ pre-release function all mega heroes attended except Pawan Kalyan. What signal it is sending to fans?

It is not mandatory that for all functions everyone should attend. He couldn’t make it but at the same time wished the function all the best.

What are your political plans?

I am in Congress and political scene is silent now a days and so I decided to do more films. This year I will try to come with another entertainer. Plans are on for my 152 film too.

Who is directing your 151st?

I may work with Surender Reddy. It may be with Surender Reddy’s entertainer or Uyyalavada Narasimha reddy. Ram Charan is producing 151st but 152nd will be produced by Geeta Arts and Boyapati Srinu will direct it.

Secret about your dances

Many talk about magic in my dances. There is no secret and it’s my nature to dance enjoying the music. My best dancers are Prabhu Deva, Hruthik Roshan. After that I love Ram charan and Allu Arjun’s dances.

On RGV’s tweets and Naga Babu’s reaction

I always take things positiely. I am close to everyone and even if someone criticise, I ignore them. Even my fans follow the same. Others should realise how right it is to hurt the feelings of many. I don’t have any problems with Ram Gopal Varma. Naga Babu however was hurt on one issue and he responded in the function. I feel he is not wrong if we put in his shoes.

All are friends

One can not restrict technology. However everyone have their own constraints. Fans shouldn’t cross their limits and spew venom on others. Entire Industry is united and I share good relation with all stars. I went to Balakrishna’s 10th film ‘Gautami Putra Satakarni’ launch and wish the film all success. Ram Charan too is friendly with everyone and he recently went to foreign location for vacation along with Mahesh Babu. Akhil too comes to meet Ram Charan. NTR too share good relation with Ram Charan.