Flash: Baahubali 2 Censor Completed

The countdown has been started for India’s biggest Motion capture film of the year “Baahubali 2-The Conclusion” release and to know the answer to A big question ‘Why Kattapa Killed Baahubali? flash baahubali 2 censor completed

We need to wait till April, 28th to find answer to this big question but some more members apart from ‘Baahubali’ team has got the answer to this question on today. They know Why Kattpa Killed Baahubali? They are none other than Censor Board Members. flash baahubali 2 censor completed

As reported earlier this most awaited film has gone for censor screening test on today morning. Just few minutes ago the censor screening test was completed and the members who watched the film awarded with “U/A” certification with small cuts.

Reliable sources say that, “Censor board members have given standing ovation at the end of the film screening. They are very much impressed with this visual grandeur. The board members flooded praises on producer and director”.
Sources added that, each and every character in the film has high scope of performance and everyone did their best, war sequences and emotional sequences are really highlighted to the film.

The run time of the sequel would be around 2 hours 47 minutes, close to the run time of the first part but slightly lengthier than it. Film will be simultaneous released in Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam and Hindi languages.

Producers have perfect plan of release in summer to en-cash the Summer Holidays session, in mean time promotional activities are in peaks increasing curiosity to known Why Kattapa Killed Baahubali?