Kamal Haasan’s shocker on bull fight?

Lokanayakudu Kamal Haasan is renowned for his bold views on any burning issue. It is known that of late India’s highest court,Supreme Court passed a ruling against bull fights, which are extremely popular in south India especially Tamil Nadu during pongal.

Kamal Haasan who even starred in a extremely popular bull fight scene in Virumandi (Poturaju) expressed his views forcibly saying “I’m a big fan of jallikattu,” and went on to add “If you want a ban on jallikattu, let’s also ban biryani,”

Sharing his feelings he said “I’m probably one of few actors who’ve played jallikattu. Am a proud Tamilian, this is our culture,” He said in South India and Tamilians treat Bulls as God, as part of the family unlike in Spain where bulls are killed brutally in the name of bull fight.

He asked people and courts to differentiate between the two and not get confused equating traditional game in south India to the brutal bull fight of Spain. Kamal shared “It is about taming the bull and not creating physical harm by breaking its horns or other parts,”

It is known that the Supreme Court had dismissed the state’s plea seeking recall of its 2014 verdict banning the bull fights, holding that the practice amounted to cruelty to the animals.Kamal Haasan’s comments angered PETA activists even earlier too. PETA activists questioned how could Kamal support cruelty towards animals in the name of traditions.

Kamal Haasan is currently busy shooting for his upcoming entertainer Sabash Naidu and he himself is directing the film. Film stars Ramya Krishna in lead and also his daughter Shruti Haasan as his daughter in the film. Brahmanandam is playing important role in the film for which Kamal’s second daughter Akshara Haasan is the assistant director. Kamal recently fell down from steps at his office and underwent surgery to his fractured leg and got discharged recently.