Kashmora review Kashmora movie review Kaashmora review

Kashmora Review

Karthi Kashmora Censor completed

Movie:          Kashmora

Rating:         2.5/5

Director:       Gokul

Behind the screens
Karthi’s Kashmora became the talk of the T-Town ever since the film’s first look,trailers and teasers created powerful impact. Nayanatara’s special appearance generated interest on the film as Kollywood started talking about it comparing it with Baahubali. Let us see what impact the film made on movie lovers. 
Story Line
Kashmora (Karthi) takes people for a ride posing as a person having power to drive away ghosts. Though research scholar (Sri Divya) try to expose his fradulent activities, he with his kack win the confidence of people and also powerful politicians. 
Kashmora however gets shock of his life, when he and his family gets traped  and he gets face to face with deadly duel with ghosts. To findout what happens in the battle between Kashmora and ghosts and why ghosts are after kashmora watch Kashmora in theatres.
Star Shine
Karthi attracted with his performance in the film. He stole the show bringing different variations in his expressions while showing comedy,fear and emotional scenes. He even stunned all as a wicked villain. His dialogue delivery and comedy timing is a treat to watch. Sri Divya is ok in her role but she for some reason played deglamorous role. she didnot get chance to show her talent. Nayanatara oozed with glamour and tempted all with her beauty treat. She is royal in her looks and showed anger and ferocity at the right time. Others are unknown entity to Tollywood movie lovers and they performed according to their roles. 
Gokul who caught the attention of all with dubbing film Rowdhram, in his third venture tried to be different coming with a film on ghosts and mixing it with comedy keeping in touch with the current trend. Gokul to some extent succeeded in entertaining viewers with comedy and ghost elements in the flash back mixing it with visuals and graphics but for all his attempts he failed with his story. 
He didnot offer anything new to movie lovers and the film has shades of Tollywood hits like Arundhati, Magadheera, Baahubali and many more. A little changes here and there became Kashmora but even then it became powerless. This is due to lack of application in screenplay and direction. 
His screenplay and direction didnot inspire confidence, and except for Karthi’s spirited performance and Nayanatara’s special, there is nothing in the film. The film lacked interesting twists, turns, romance,comedy and over all Kashmora missed the soul which is essential for the film success. First half is passable with Karthi’s comedy and second half is a torture despite Karthi’s complete makeover and Nayanatara’s presence. Introspection starts as to who killed Kashmora!
Santosh Narayan for all his talent as young upcoming music director failed to give the best music. Songs are just average as none of them get registered in mind. Background score didnot make any powerful impact on viewers. Sabu Joseph should have done away with many unwanted scenes which dragged the film slowing it completely. This tested the patience of the viewers. Dialogues are ok. Om Prakash attracted all with his cinematography. He gave the best visuals and attracted with graphics and VFX. Production values are fine. 
Movie Marks
Kashmora lacks strength for knockout punch
Cast: Karthi,Nayanatara, Sri Divya, Vivek and others
Director: Gokul
Music: Santosh Narayanan
Editing: VJ.Sabu Joseph
Cinematography: Om Prakash
Banner: PVP Cinema
Kashmora Review
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