Keshava Film Nagar Talk

keshava film nagar talk

The countdown has been started for Young hero Nikhil’s revenge drama “Keshava” release and the film is going to hit big screens this Friday, May 19th, worldwide. Recently, the film has completed its censor formalities acquired with “U/A” certificate with some cuts.

The film has much buzz in film Nagar circles and according to inside talk the story line of this Revenge Drama goes like this:

Nikhil introduced as Keshava a college going Brahmin boy, who suffers from a rare heart condition – Dextrocardia – due to which he has to keep his emotions under control to stay alive. He manages the college attendance and moves to different cities for killing corrupted Police officers.

Initially, he has shown as a college guy who hates the police. Police higher officials give these murders mystery case to Isha Koppikar to chase and find out the accused who is killing the police officers and to find out his Moto.

The first half of the story completely revolves around the Isha Koppikar strategies for finding the murderer and how Nikhil manages in college and escapes from this lady officer. Before the interval bang, Isha Koppikar chases the case and finds the accused Keshava.

Why he started killing Police officers is the key point here which needs to be watched the big screen. In the flashback story itself, he reveals about his love life in college and his love story with Ritu Varma.

Veenala Kishore and gang showed as seniors to Keshava in colleges, the director tried to make some comedy with Veenala Kishore & Co but it was not worked out well. Camera works are the major asset to the film, Visuals are very good.

Overall the film seems to be like Adivi Sesh’s “Kshanam”, a serious revenge drama without any commercial elements. Few multiplex audiences may like but it may not attract B & C centers audience due to lack of commercial elements.

On overall it would a be just Okay film.

At present Baahubali mania is still continuing across the nation. “Keshava” may have decent openings but will it survive in long run by overcoming Baahubali mania is a million dollar question!!!

The film is neither a disaster like “Shankarabharanam” nor a Blockbuster like “Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnvada”.

Let us cross the fingers for a couple of hours to know the complete review of Keshava.