Exclusive: Keshava Live Review

Keshava  Live Review from USA Premiere show:

Young hero Nikhil, Ritu Varma’s upcoming entertainer Keshava is releasing on a grand scale on today. the film was coming from the direction of Sudheer Varma. Here are the live updates from USA premiers.

5.30 Am: Keshava Movie has just Started.

First Half

5.35 Am:  The film opened with a road accident in which Nikhil will lose his parents. Titles are rolling now …

5.40 Am: Hero Nikhil makes entry and Kills Anantapur SI

5.45 Am:   Film shifts to college background. Ritu Varma makes an entry as Nikhil’s classmate. Both are childhood friends but Nikhil Hides it.

5.50Am: Comedian Vennela Kishore was introduced And he is trying to do some comedy.

5.55Am: Film has entered into the serious narration. Now, again a murder happened this Time Amalapuram SI.

6.00AM:  Investigation of the murder case is going on and Isha Koppikar makes an entry as a Special officer.

6.05Am: Some interesting college scenes between lead pair are going on. The movie was shifted to Annavaram where Nikhil came as a volunteer. Ritu Varma follows Nikhil suspecting him.

6.10AM: Time for First song Telusa Neeku Bahusa which was ok.

6.15Am: Third murder happened in Annavaram.  security who saw Nikhil Throws a stone.

6.20Am: Special officer Isha Koppikar finally catches Nikhil with the help of wound on his head.

First Half Report: 

In the first half of the film, Total scenes are plain nothing excited. Comedy tracks are also not made any impact. The only interesting thing was the screenplay. overall first half was just ok with no excitement scenes.

6.45Am:  While Nikhil was in custody another murder attempt on Rao Ramesh Happened. So cops released Nikhil as they feel he is innocent.

6.50Am: time for another song Yedisthe Rarevaru.

6.55AM: Nikhil accepts that he is the culprit and reveals the reason behind murders.

7.15AM: Isha Koppikar warns Bramahji and Ajay as they are next to being killed. But they don’t take it seriously.

7.30AM: A major twist in Story. Nikhil kills everyone including Rao Ramesh. To know the Reason behind killing Rao Ramesh we have to watch on big screen.

Second Half

The story falls flat and The only twist will be in last 5 mins rest of the movie was totally flat. 

Movie Marks

 Nikhil and Sudheer Varma Has failed to repeat Swamy Ra Ra magic. The story itself was weak. Before release Director promoted film saying Nikhil has the heart on right side and said the film was a different story. But once who watched the film doesn’t feel it. The movie will work to the audience who loves to watch crime thrillers and revenge dramas. Some extent music is ok, camera work is good, and production values of the movie are not up to the mark. 

The Complete Review will be updated Soon……