Khaidi No 150 Review

Movie :Khaidi No 150


Director: VV.Vinayak

Behind The Screens
Mega Star Chiranjeevi who ruled Tollywood empire for decades before relinquishing it for politics is making a comeback on silver screen after a gap of nearly one decade. Expectations are increasing on the project which happens to be Chiranjeevi’s 150th film. Let us see what impact Khaidi No 150 with specials from Ram Charan, Allu Arjun made on movie lovers.

Story Line
Khaidi No 150, Katti Seenu (Chiranjeevi) makes living through small robberies. He decides to make big and take break flying to Bangkok. However he changes his plans after falling for Lakshmi (Kajal).
Katti Seenu makes enemies with top industrialist Agarwal (Tarun Arora) after he saves hydraulic engineer K.Shankar (Chiranjeevi). Agarwal tries to eliminate Katti Seenu along with K.Shankar. Findout more about it watching Khaidi No 150 in theatres.

Star Shine

Chiranjeevi made his comeback after a gap of nearly a decade. Though he has nothing to prove, the film proved that he is still a Mega Star and now Mega Star is back to rule Tollywood. Chiranjeevi drove everyone crazy becoming one man army carrying the film on his shoulders.

He gave powerful kick to everyone as Khaidi No 150. Chiranjeevi showed his power not only to mega fans but also movie lovers and all sections of people. He stole the hearts of masses and mega fans with his dances,mass mannerisms, stunts while his powerful dialogues,emotions highlighting farmers suicides attracted family viewers and multiplex viewers. Chiranjeevi shut the mouths of all critics with his performance in Khaidi giving kick to all and delivering knockout puch to everyone. He showed who the boss is in the industry and made clear that he is only on a small break. Now Boss is Back and is out to break box office records.

Chiranjeevi could have still workedout on his voice modulation,timing and dialogue delivery and also some dance movements which are slow but these are only minute things and now that he started once again, mega power fill show its fire power.

Kajal attracted with her glamour and cute looks. Her romance with Chiranjeevi endeared to everyone. she looked pretty in songs and their chemistry worked out quite well. Lakshmi Rai gave sumptuous beauty treat in special song. Ram Charan delighted all with his mass steps along with his dad Chiranjeevi.

Tarun Arora is stylish as a villain but he didnot get much role to perform. Brahmanandam entertained a bit with his comedy. Others like 30yrs Prudhvi, Posani Krishna Murali, Jaya Prakash Reddy are ok in their roles.

Chiranjeevi decided to remake Tamil original Katti and roped in VV.Vinayak so that he can balance both emotional and mass commercial elements. Murugadoss in the original touched the hearts of all with the burning problem of farmers suicides. Vinayak keeping in view taste of the Telugu movie lovers, mega fans likes and dislikes emerged successful in showing mega power quating it farmers fire power in the remake.

Right from the start to finish Vinayak stole the hearts of all mega fans and masses by including mannerims elevating Mega Star Chiranjeevi. His trademark styles,dialogues,expressions, emotions, dances,stunts make it a complete mega star box office bonanza during sankranti.

Mega Star stars slowly and gradually increases his mass and mega power to give complete treat as the film progressed. Vinayak however in the process failed to elevate the plight of the farmers in more powerful manner though entire second half is filled with their problems. Climaz could have been plannned in a even better manner as the changed version didnot create the right kind of impact. Vinayak’s screenplay is fine most of the time but missed logic at crucial times. His direction is ok and dialogues of Parachuri Brothers,Sai Madhav Burra, Vema Reddy and others made powerful impact. Vinayak concentrated entirely on Mega Star and in the process lost focus on elevating the roles of other actors and this diluted even the villain’s power along with the central theme.

One should wait and watch how movie lovers from multiplex will accept the film at the box office. It is however a complete to mega fans and masses.

Devi Sri Prasad’s tunes broke all records in youtube. All the songs are well shot. Music may be routine but it steals the hearts of the masses.Devi Sri Prasad’s background music elevavted the scenes. Chiranjeevi’s dancing moves in each of the songs and his chemistry with Kajal, Lashmi Rai steals drives masses crazy. His dance step along with his son Ram Charan makes mega fans erupt with joy. Raghava Lawrence, Jhonny’s chorography is graceful and top class showing Chiranjeevi in a unique manner.

Ratnavalu’s cinematography shot the film in a beautiful manner with picturesque background. Editing of Gowtham Raju is ok but could hae been crsipy in the second half as some scenes dragged. Production values are top class.

Movie Marks

Mega Star shows power with Khaidi. Emperor returns to rule Tollywood Kingdom.


Cast: Chiranjeevi,Kajal,Tarun Arora,Brahmanandam,Posani Krishna Murali, Prudhviraj,Ali, Ram Charan,Allu Arjun,VV.Vinayak,, Lakshmi Rai
Director: VV.Vinayak
Producer: Ram Charan
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Editing:Gowtham Raju
Banner: Konidela Productions
Release: Jan 11,2017