Manyam Puli Movie Review

Movie :            Manyam Puli

Rating:            3/5

Director:          Vysakh

Behind the screens

Malayalam Super Star Mohan Lala’s Puli Murugan which shook box office turning out to be the first 100crs film in Mollywood is released today as Manyam Puli. Let us see what impact it made on movie lovers.

Story Line

Kumar (Mohan Lal) right from his childhood grows as savior of people of Puliyooru village from the hungry tigers on prowl for humans in the thick forests. However his life takes shocking turn with the entry of forest ranger RK (Kishore) and Daddy Girija (Jagapathy Babu). Much to the disbelief of the people, their savior disappears from the village. Unravel the mystery behind his disappearance, watch Manyam Puli in theatres.

Star Shine

Malayalam Super Star Mohan Lal slowly started showing his power in Tollywood. He won the hearts of all with his emotional performances in Manamantha and NTR’s Janata Garage. Now he stunned all turning one man army in Manyam Puli.

The way he enacted death defying stunts leave all rubbing their eyes in disbelief as Mohan Lal is 60 plus and one gets a feeling that all superstars should train under him not only in emotional performances but also in stunts. His stunts and high voltage action scenes involving tigers are the saving grace in the film.

Kamalini Mukherjee looked old in the film and she played her part perfectly as an angry wife. Jagapathy Babu attracts as a villain but he didnot get much scope to perform. Others performed as per their roles in the film.


Vysakh came with routine story but the way he elevated Mohan Lal’s heroism to the optimum stole the hearts of all. Right from he start film moves into top gear with high voltage action scenes. Mohan Lal carried the film on his shoulders and first half ends at supersonic speed without giving time for viewers to take breath except with the entry of Jagapathy babu and scenes involving him and Mohan Lal. First half ends with good interval bang.

While viewers expected similar visual and action treat in the second half, they will be in for a surprise. Sentiment scenes come in dragging the film pace and only in the pre climax and climax Mohan Lal surprise once again with his action scenes. Vysakh came with very weak story and his screenplay and direction has nothing to rave about. Only Mohan Lal’s energetic performance and stunt choreography by Peter Haynes saved the film. Film is a powerful treat to masses and especially to Mohan Lal fans.


Music of Gopi Sunder is just average. However he showed his power with his background score. Background score gave new feel and thrill to the movie lovers especially during the action scenes. Cinematography beautified the film which is loaded with natural and scenic beauty.Stunts are breathtaking and editing however could have been even crispy. Production values are fine.

Movie Marks

Mohan Lal shows his power as Manyam Puli. If you are action movies lover then you can watch it.


Cast: Mohan Lal, Kamalini Mukherjee, Jagapathy Babu and others

Producer: Krishna Reddy

Music: Gopi Sunder

Editing: John Kutty

Cinematography: Shaji Kumar

Banner: Sree Saraswathi Films

Release: Dec 2nd,2016.