Metro Movie Review

Movie: Metro

Rating: 2.75/5

Director: Anand Krishnan

Behind the screens

Kollywood hit film Metro released today in Telugu as Metro. Let us see what impact it made on movie lovers.

Story Line

Adi Keshav (Sirsih Saravanan), writer in a magazine has a happy middle class family loving parents and brother Madhusudan (Sathya) who is studying engineering. However he gets shock when his mother was found dead in a suspicious manner.

Adi Kesav along with his friend Kumar (Sendryan) decides to take revenge for his mother’s killer after he comes to know from the police post mortem report that it was the handiwork of the chain stanching gang which is creating fear in Hyderabad.

Enjoy Metro on silver screen to findout the secret behind the chain snatching incidents and the death of Adi Keshav’s mother.

Star Shine

Shirish Saravanan on debut came with ok performance. Satya too who is a new comer performed well but he lacked consistency in showing emotions and expressions. Both have a long way in getting their expressions right.

Bobby Simha is ok as the leader of the gang. However he looked more like a comedian than a gang leader in the film. His performance decreased the level of intensity in the film. Sendrayan, Nishanth, Rajkmar, Maya, Yogi Babu, Tulasi performed according to their roles.


Director Anand Krishnan highlighted the metro life style; its ill effects on the youngsters hailing form the middle class families. He also narrated in detail about the thinking of the chain snatchers while selecting their targets. All these generated interest among viewers.

Anand Krishnan generated interest with his story, screenplay and direction. First half ends on a good interval twist and second half is about conflict of interest in the gang. He could have however created more interest had he showed more about the police investigation on the chain snatching crimes.

He could have planned climax in a even better and interesting manner than just a routine twist. He should have taken care of the slow pace in between the scenes. The film lacks commercial elements and it has to be seen how B,C centers receive it. It may appeal to select viewers who show interest in thrillers.


Johan attracted with his background score. Background score made good impact on viewers. Uthaya Kumar’s cinematography is attractive. It elevated the film giving viewers’ new feel. Ramesh Bharati’s editing is ok and but cares should have been taken to erase the drags in the film. Production values are good.

Movie Marks

Metro throws light on the darker side of Metro life.


Cast: Shirish Saravanan, Bobby Simha, Sendrayan, Sathya, Nishanth, Rajkumar, Maya, Yogi Babu, Tulasi and others

Music: Johan

Cinematography: NS.Uthaya Kumar

Editing: M.Ramesh Baarathi

Producer: Rajini Ram

Banner:  ES Entertainments, Metro Productions

Release: March 17, 2017