Nandini Nursing Home Review Nandini Nursing Home Rating

Nandini Nursing Home Review

nandini nursing home reivew

Movie:          Nandini Nursing Home

Rating:         2.75/5

Director:       PV Giri

Behind The Screens
Senior Naresh’s son Naveen Krishna is making his debut with Nandini Nursing Home directed by PV.Giri. Film hit the screens today in a grand manner. Let us see what impact the film made on movie lovers. 
Story Line
Chandu (Naveen Krishna) and his friend (Shakalaka Shankar ) turn fake doctor and compounder in Nandini Nursing Home run by Nandini (Nitya Naresh) and her dad due to financial constriants. Even as Chandu takes patients for a ride, Hospital itself witness shocking incidents. To findout who is behind those incidents and what is Chandu’s connection with Amulya (Shravya) watch Nandini Nursing Home on screen. 
Star Shine
Naveen Krishna on debut put lot of effort to attract movie lovers. His dialogue delivery is ok but he should improve up on it and also his expressions. He danced well and carried his role to perfection. Little bit of training will do him lot of good. Debutante heroines Shravya looked good in traditional attire while Nitya Naresh performed well. Shakalaka Shankar,Vennela Kishore, Saptagiri attracted with their comedy. Others performed according to their roles. 
Director PV. Giri came with routine entertainer to attract movie lovers. He included good comedy to attract masses and family viewers to some extent in the first half. Interval block is good. Second half turns a bit serious and in the end Pre-climax, climax dragged with too many sentiment scenes. Giri’s story is routine but he entertained viewers with good screenplay and direction. Had he paid attention to the second half, including more entertainment and some twists, it would have been different story. 
Couple of songs tuned by Achu Rajamani,Sekhar Chandra are good. One song is melodious and comes throughout the film in the background. Background score is good. Cinematography is attractive. Editing could have been better as there are many drags in the film. Dialogues are ok to some extent. Production values are fine. 
Movie Marks
Nandini Nursing Home turns out to be another just Ok entertainer.
Cast: Naveen Krishna,Nitya Naresh,Shravya,Shakalaka Shankar,Saptagiri,Jaya Prakash Reddy,Vennela Kishore and others.
Director: PV.Giri
Music: Achu Rajamani,Sekhar Chandra
Producers:  Radha Kishore and Bikshamayya
Banner: SVC Entertainments banner
Release: Oct 21,2017
Nandini Nursing Home Review
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