Nanna Nenu Naa Boyfriends review

Movie:     Nanna Nenu Naa Boyfriends

Rating:    2.75/5

Director: Bandi Bhaskar

Behind the screens
Hebah Patel, Tejaswi Madiwada are coming to entertain movie lovers with youthful entertainer Nanna Nenu Naa Boyfriends. Let us see what impact they made on movie lovers.
Story Line
Beautiful and goodlooking Padmavathi (Hebah Patel) select Gokul (Noel Sean), Nani (AShwin Babu), NaMo (Parvateesam) after she lies to her loving father Raghava Rao( Rao Ramesh) that she has a boy friend in USA to escape from marriage. She along with her cousin Maggie (Tejaswi Madiwada) keeps various tests to select the best among the three. She lands in trouble as all the three scores same marks in her tests and suddenly she will be in for a shock. Watch Naanna Nenu Naa Boyfriends to findout the twists and turns in Padmavathi’s life.
Star Shine
Hebah Patel as usual managed to turn everyone’s attention towards her with her sensuous looks, cute expressions and romantic, lovely acts. However she should improve upon her expressions in sentiment scenes to reach the next level of stardom. Tejaswi Madiwada attracted with her dialogues, lively and energetic tole. She even teased with her glamour. Noel Sean is Ok as basketball player sporting macho physique. Ashwin Babu is good as police trainee but who turns meek at the sight of a beautiful woman. Parvateesam attracts with his body language and dialogues as a priest. Rao Ramesh showed his acting prowess in father’s role. He attracted with his expressions in the sentiment scenes.  Raj Tarun surprises in a cameo while Shakalaka Shankar attracts in hilarious role. Others played according to the story. 
Bhaskar Bandi came with a commerical entertainer and added love, romance, sentiment and mass elements to attract all sections of movie lovers. First half progress with routine but entertaining comedy scenes which viewers can enjoy if they turn off their previous memory. Comedy scenes from the tests by heroine to her lovers came in many films but director managed to entertain viewers. First half ends with good twist and entire second half isall about daughter, father sentiment taking the centre stage.Story drags towards pre climax and climax and Rao Ramesh elevated them with his performance. Bhaskar Bandi’s story, screenplay and direction has no novely but his commercial stuff may turn the film into a average entertainer. Film has everything for masses and something for youngsters and it has tobe seen how B,C centres and youngsters will receive the film at the box office. 
Sekhar Chandra attracts with his tunes. Most of the songs are situational and he blended it with mass beats and genext tunes. His background score is attractive. Cinematography of Chota K Naidu beautified the film. Editing of Chota K Prasad could have been even crispy. Film has good production values. 
Movie Marks
Naanna Nenu Naa Boy Friends attracts youngsters and family audience to some extent with entertaining and emotional elements.
Cast: Heba Patel, Parvatheesam, Noel Sean, Ashwin NBabu,Rao Ramesh,Tejaswi Madiwada,Shakalaka Shankar, Raj Tarun and others
Director: Bandi Bhaskar
Music: Sekhar Chandra
Producer: Bekkam Venugopal
Editing:Chota K Prasad
Cinematography:Chota K Naidu
Banner:Lucky Media