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Heart Attack Movie review

Movie :        Heart Attack

Rating :       2.75/5

Director:     Puri Jagannadh

Behind the screens

Nitin who broke from the shackles of string of flops scored two successive hits with Ishq and Gunde Jaari Gallantayyinde. He teamed with crazy director Puri Jagannath to give romantic Heart Attack to movie lovers. Let us see how what experience viewers get after watching Nitin's Heart Attack
Story Line
Varun (Nitin) is a hippy who travels round the world without bothering about longterm relations and love. He meets Hayati (Adah Sharma) in Spain and longs to kiss her. He tries impressing her and takes the help of Priya (Kesha Kambhati) and Hayati actually falls for him. However she asks him not to enter her life again as he don't believe in love. Varun leaves to Romania only to realise he has been in love with Hayati. But Hayati in the meantime leaves to Goa to take care of her father a police officer who was beaten black and blue by Makrand Pandey and gang. Will Varun meets Hayati, will Hayati reciprocate Varun's overtures and how Hayati saves her father from ailing forms rest of the story. 
Star Shine
Nitin tried new look in the film. He tried to all emotions and is ok to some extent. Adah Sharma looked a mismatch for the role though she looked attractive in some scenes. Brahmanandam and Ali tried to entertain with their comedy. Prakash Raj entered in the last few scenes while Ajay was ok for the role. Others did accordingly in short roles. 
Production values are of high standard. Anup Rubens music is good to hear and all the songs are shot well.Background music is good. Amol Radhod with his camera work captured the beautiful locations of Spain,Romania and Goa. Dialogues are ok and choreography is fine. However everything came to nothing with routine storyline.
Director Puri Jagannath selected a routine story and there are no interesting twists and turns in the film. He tried to attract youth with romantic entertainer. Dialogues like 'nee taali tempi teesukupota' will not endear Puri to family viewers and many felt Puri crossed his limits. Nitin's success remained in comedy scenes in the last two films. While the first half looked ok due to introduction of characters, entertainment, second would have been better. Puri's magic missed in the film.
Movie Marks
Heart Attack is OK film for time pass!
Directed by Puri Jagannadh
Produced by Puri Jagannadh
Screenplay by Puri Jagannadh
Story by Puri Jagannadh
Starring Nithiin,Adah Sharma
Music by Anoop Rubens
Cinematography Amol Rathod
Editing by S. R. Shekhar
Studio Puri Jagannadh Touring Talkies
Release dates 31 January 2014
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