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Nagarjuna about God

Nagarjuna is on a different high these days. The star has just returned from the shrine of Shirdi Sai Baba with his wife Amala and says that it was an uplifting experience. "We had been thinking of going there for quite some time but it materialised only now. This was for the first time that I visited the Shrine and I liked the calm surroundings," says the actor.
But religion has not been the only thing the actor has been asked about on his Shirdi visit. Rumours have been doing the rounds that he bumped into Madhuri Dixit there but the actor denies. "It's news to me as well. I didn't meet her at all. I was there just for a day and she might have visited a day before or after my visit. Actually, I don't know her personally and the media is surprising me every day with one baseless news or the other," he says.
Nagarjuna's father, the legendary actor Akkineni Nageswara Rao is a known atheist; the son, however, has his own opinions. "I wouldn't like to trigger a debate on this topic regarding the existence of the Almighty since `belief' is personal and relative. Although I am a believer, I am not really fascinated with idol worship. I do believe that there is a `supreme power' which is governing us and keeping an eye on our moral conduct," he reasons.
The seasoned star's career is currently rocking with a unique mix of films.After the potboiler Ragada, he returned as an upright commando in Gaganam."That's the mix I am looking at, particularly at this stage of my career," he says. Even his long-time dream of doing a socio-fantasy movie has been fulfilled with the big-budget extravaganza Damarukam, which is currently on the floors. "It's quite a unique experience no doubt and my other revolutionary film, Rajanna, is also wrapped up," says the star.
Nagarjuna is also making waves in a different domain as well -promoting a jewellery brand in the city. "The response was overwhelming for our awareness campaign against loopholes in the jewellery business and we tried to make it more transparent," he signs off.

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