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'SMS' Audio Review

Music Touch

Sudhir and Redina Casandra's 'SMS' directed by Tatineni atya celebrated its audio launch couple of days back with none other than Prince Mahesh Babu releasing the audio tuned by Selvaganesh. Let's see what impact his music has on movie lovers.

Idi Nijame

Artist(s): Kartik,Ranina Reddy
The song starts off with being a melody and enthralls everyone with a blend of hiphop and melody beats. Voice of Kartik and chorus of Ranina Reddy did wonders for the song. The manner Kartik sang words 'Idi Nijame' appeals to all.

Cheeky Cheeky Babay

Artist(s): Chaitra,Anuja Guruwara,Hemachandra
This melody spellbounds all with Hema Chandra 'Evaro Evaro' words and mesmerising voices of Anuja and Chaitra. The tempo changes in between with Hemachandra handling it with ease singing 'gundello' in a fast pace.


Artist(s): Ranjith,Krishna Iyer
 'Mid Night' is a peppy fast beat which will appeal to the listeners. Ranjith is reputed for singing these numbers and Krishna Iyer added beauty with his chorus.


Artist(s): Vijay Prakash
A melancholic number which pierces heart of one and all. Vijay Prakash's voice shows class when he sang 'cheliya ne chusanu ennallu...naa prema' along with the chorus. Beats in the song connects well with the music lovers.
Osi Penki Pilla

Artist(s): Shankar Mahadevan,Sumitra Iyer
This foot tapping song makes everyone dances to its tunes with Shankar Mahadevan voice and Sumitra Iyer's husky voice and the way she sang 'Pora' making everyone thoroughly enjoy.

SMS (Theme) 
Artist(s):Hema Chandra
SMS theme song is the highlight for the album and Hemachandra's melodious voice did the trick.

Final Track

Selva Ganesh did his best in bringing variety to the album keeping in view of the tastes of young and old generation. His music blends tastes of one and all and will surely appeal to music lovers especially who crave for melody.


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