How NTR Reacted On Political Rumours?

Recently shocking rumour circulated in media circles as Young Tiger NTR registered new political party named as “Nava Bharat National Party” and he is going to contest in 2019 elections. The photo of political party registered form on NTR’s house address circulated wide in media circles.

Within few minutes of the registration photo came out, NTR’s PRO reacted on it as fake news and it was morphed in Photoshop. Yesterday NTR who meet his hard core fans on sets of ‘Jai Lava Kusa’ has clear all airs on this political party rumours.

NTR first smiled on those rumours and then requested his fans not to believe in those rumours, he said that “I don’t want to react on such rumours, I am only concentrating on film career. . . There are a few exciting films lined up and I planned to complete all of them in coming years. As of now, I am not even thinking about politics. If there is really anything to announce, I will make it officially. Until then, please don’t believe these gossips”.

Sources close to NTR said, “After listening to his political entry news, he just smiled and leaved it. He didn’t even react on this news.”

So, now all airs are cleared, As of Now, No Politics For NTR… Only Films…. In future time will decide if he makes his ways in Politics as like his grandfather Legendary actor cum greater leader NTR (or) not!!!

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