Okkadochchaadu Movie review

Movie: Okkadochchaadu

Rating: 2/5

Director: Suraj

Behind the screens

Vishal who is known for mass entertainers is coming with another thriller Okkadochchaadu today. Let us see what impact Vishal made on movie lovers.

Story Line

Arjun (Vishal) comes to city with a secret plan. In between gorgeous girl Divya (Tamannaah) fall in love with him without knowing anything about him. However she comes to know some startling secrets about Arjun and her brother DGP Chandra Bose (Jagapathy Babu) who unearths Rs 250crs from an unknown truck after intense investigation. Watch Okkadochchaadu to unravel the secrets behind Arjun, DGP Chandra Bose and criminal Deva (Sampath).

Star Shine

Vishal slipped into the role effortlessly. His acting, performance, body language and expressions are apt for the role. Tamanna stole the hearts of all with her sensuous treat on silver screen. Jagapathy Babu surprised all with another powerful role. Sampath Raj complimented him perfectly to create some interest among viewers. Vadivelu’s comedy in his comeback didnot evokes any laughter. Others tried their best to attract viewers.


Suraj who is popular in Tamil for his mass masala entertainers came with similar plot to attract viewers. However this time he failed to connect chords with the people. He came with outdated story and failed to generate interest with his stale screenplay and direction. Film drags after an interesting start and from then on drifts listlessly. There is no change in the second half and the film finally ends with routine climax after few stunts and car changes. Watching this film many wonder why Vishal is wasting his talent. Vishal failed with his selection of films after Pandem Kodi and Pogaru. Lack of interesting elements made viewers look towards the exit after the initial few minutes. Dialogues are pretty ordinary and comedy scenes with Tamil flavor turn off viewers. Suraj failed to elevate the heroism and the mass power of Vishal.


Technical team came with ordinary work. Music of Hiphop Tamizha is just average. There is not even one song which attracts viewers. Placement of songs tests the patience of viewers dragging the film. Selva RK failed with his editing. He cannot be blamed as there is nothing in the story. Cinematography of Richard M Nathan is the only saving grace. Stunt choreography is attractive unlike choreography in songs. Production values are good.

Movie Marks

Outdated Okkadochahadu  makes people in theaters walk out.


Cast: Vishal, Tamannaah, Jagapathy Babu, Vadivelu,  Soori, Jaya Prakash, Tarun Arora, Soundaaraja, Aaarthi

Producer: S.Nandhagopal

Editing: Selva.RK

Cinematography: Richard M Nathan

Music: Hiphop Tamizha

Banner: Madras Enterprises, Cameo Films

Release: Dec 23,2017