Om Namo Venkatesaya audio review

Nagarjuna-Raghavendra Rao’s Om Namo Venkaesaya celebrated audio launch in a grand manner at Novatel, Hyderabad in the presence of celebrities. Let us see what impact Keeravani made on listeners with his tunes. 
01 – Veyi Naamaala Vaada
Singer: Ramya Behra
Ramya Behra sang this highly emotional number. Lyrics sing praises of the Lord Venkateswara. Keeravani’s mesmerising music and tune attract everyone. The song became popular with Anushka playing special role as devotee. The song was filmed in a beautiful manner with traditional steps. 
02 – Aanandham
Singers: Swetha Pandit,Sarth Santosh
A romantic song sung beautiful manner by Swetha Pandit and Sarth Santosh. Lyrics are beautiful manner by Vedavyas. Keeravani’s music with romantic melody touch tempts everyone. 
03 – Akhilanda Koti
Singers:Sarth Santosh,Srinidhi
Song praises Lord Venkateswara in a grand manner. Sarth Santosh sang the song with full devotion and energy. Lyrics of Vedavyas are beautiful. Srinidhi and others chorus beautified the song. Keeravani’s tune made good impact. 
04 – Brahmanda Bhandamula
Keeravani sang this emotional devotional number in a beautiful way. Lyrics of Vedavyas highlgithed how Lord Venkateswara cameout to play game of dice with his devotee. Music of Keeravani elevated the situation accordingly. 
05 – Kaliyuga Vaikuntapuri
Singers:SPB,Srinidhi,Ramya Behra
The song highlights the power of seven hills and Tirumala and how Lord Venkateswara selected the place as his residence. SPB sang the song in his immaculate and powerful manner bringing various expressions and emotions. Lyrics are good and tune of Keervani made stunning impact.
06 – Vayyari Kalahamsika
A melodious song sung in a romantic manner by Revanth. Keeravani’s romantic beat steals the hearts of everyone. Sunitha teased all with her husky,melodious voice. Lyrics of Vedavyas are romantic. 
07 – Anda Pinda
Singers: Balaji,Muniraju,Sneha
Balaji,Muniraju,Sneha sang the song in a powerful  manner. Lyrics are impactful showing the power of Lord Vishnu. Keeravani made tremendous impact with his tune. 
08 – Maha Padma Sadmey
Saketh sang the song in utmost devotional manner. Lyrics of Vedavyas are good. Sang praised the Goddess Lakshmi. Tune of Keeravani is impactful. 
09 – Kamaneeyam
SPB sang the song about the marriage of Lord Venkateswara with Sridevi and Bhudevi with devotion and emotion taking listeners to another level. Keeravani’s music is good and lyrics are attractive. 
10 – Brahmothsava
Srinidhi sang this emotional sad song questioning Lord Venkateswara. Keeravani’s music is powerful. Lyrics of Vedavyas are powerful. 
11 – Pareeksha
Singers: Shankar Mahadevan
Shankar Mahadevan sang this powerful devotional song with emotional lyrics of Vedavyas. Keeravani’s music is attractive. Chorus is beautiful. 
12 – Govindha Hari Govindha
Srinidhi and Dhanunjay sang the in different tune to catch the attention of all. Keeravani’s music is good. 
Audio marketed by Lahari music
Lyrics: Vedavyas
Music Marks
Keeravani gave devotional delight to movie lovers with his attractive tunes. His tunes and mesmerizing music took listeners to another world of devotional journey.
Music Rating:      3.25/5