Pittagoda Movie Review

Movie : Pittagoda

Rating: 2.5/5

Direction: KV Anudeep

Behind the Screens

After the super success of ‘Pelli Choopulu’, the entire industry, and the audience are looking favorably at small movies made by fresh talent. As the case of ‘Pelli Choopulu’, ‘Pittagoda’ releasing today is also being backed by Senior Producer, Suresh Babu. Let’s see how ‘Pittagoda’ fared with the audience!


‘Pittagoda’ is a story of four vagabond youngsters who have no aims and aspirations in life living in the small town of Godavari Khani, Telangana. Tippu (Vishwa) who leads the gang becomes a friend to Divya (Punarnavi) and their relationship leads to some unexpected situations which later prompt a split among friends. Rest of the Story is all about how Tippu and Vishwa fall in love and how all friends resolve the differences between them.

Star Shine:

Vishwa, Punarnavi, and other friends look as an apt fit for those roles and performed very well. It is often important to get the casting right for small films like these and the director executed it perfectly. He got the right people and is also able to draw good performances from those. Punarnavi looks pretty and definitely, is a heroine material. But then with too many new faces, the audience will have a tough time connecting to them. Telangana dialect is being used throughout the film and it gives a refreshing feel.


The first half of the film is entertaining and the interval bang is good. The second half of the film also started well but fell flat towards the end of the film. The director, Anudeep looks like is in a hurry to wrap up the things and send the audience home even though the movie’s run time is very short. Moreover, he did not put much emphasis on friendship. Even the twists and the villain scenes are hurried. The lack of experience in the screen-play (towards the end) and narration is clearly evident there.


Anudeep who makes directional debut had mixed results with the movie. The movie’s premise and realistic characters worked big time while he faltered in proper execution and narration. In case, he handled the climax better, things would have been much helpful but his inexperience missed it.

Kamalakar came up with near music and the background score is appealing. The camera work is so good and colorful. Editing is crispy and the run time will help the film. Production Values are just excellent even though, it is a small film.

Movie Marks:

Amateurish and Strictly Okay


Cast: Vishwadev Rachakonda, Punarnavi Bhupalam and Others

Story, Screenplay: Ram Mohan

Producer: Dinesh Kumar & Ram Mohan P

Production House: Sunshine Cinemas

Music: Kamalakar

Cinematographer: Uddhaii

Release Date: 24th, December, 2016