Ravishing beauty Revealed Her Depression Secrets

Ravishing beauty Revealed Depression Secrets

South Seductress Rai Lakshmi for all her red-hot beauty treat on silver screen got confined only to item specials opposite top stars in films.

Even though she acted as the female lead in some movies in early days of her career but she was not recognized for her roles, she only confined to item numbers and special appearances.

She recently sizzled in Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s Sardar Gabbar Singh and Mega Star 150th Khaidi No 150.  Now, she is all set to shake Bollywood with “Julie 2”. She earlier starred in important role in Sonakshi Sinha’s Akira in Hindi.

She stunned all with her Bikini treat in Julie, sharing her Bikini appearance she revealed a shocking secret that while Julie shooting she went into depression.

She shared secrets about her bikini body and her role in Julie she said It’s a very glamorous role, and I tried my best to look so. “Trust me getting a bikini body is not a joke, as you need to get that structure first to sport one. I literally starved for months and lost a lot of weight to get fit enough to get into a bikini. And it was back breaking literally. I had to lose and gain weight every two months for the shoot, which was a shock for my body.I lost around 11kgs initially and then had to gain 17kgs immediately. And again, I had to shed another 8kgs for the film’s photo shoot. Trust me it was all very draining physically. I hope I look good, and it has come out really well. I never thought I will put it off.”

She said, “While undergoing this physically changes, believe me, or not, I went into deep depression, thank god my parents and family helped me a lot to come out from it.”

She also opened up about casting couches in industry, she agreed that casting couches exist in all film industries and she said she never faced any such embarrassing situations.

Rai Lakshmi pinned all hopes on Julie 2 and expecting that she will get better offers after Julie 2 release.