Roja and Chiranjeevi eat Biryani in secret!

Megastar Chiranjeevi and yesteryear actress Roja back then acted in three movies. But then after that, once Chiranjeevi got into politics, things turned totally ugly as Roja always foulmouthed Chiranjeevi since the Praja Rajyam days. Recently, the actress in an interview ridiculed Chiranjeevi, the actor saying that he stays in a cocoon and used to take days to know that his film flopped at the box office. But then, all of sudden, Roja hosted an interview of Chiranjeevi on Sakshi TV the other day as a part of Khaidi No 150 promotions.
In the interview, Roja reminded Chiranjeevi about how she, the actor and his wife Surekha used to go to Paradise Restaurant in disguise and have Biryani there. Chiranjeevi just smiled in approval. Roja on one occasion referred Ram Charan as ‘Charan garu’. Chiranjeevi immediately objected to that and took an objection to using garu as Roja is the one who raised Charan and used to carry him all the time on her hip. Similarly, Chiranjeevi and Roja reminded about several fond memories of their working days.
Khaidi No 150 interestingly brought political rivals got closer. Dasari Narayana Rao and Chiranjeevi do not see eye to eye for several years but then suddenly they have mended those differences and Dasari came as a Chief Guest to Khaidi No 150 Pre-Release Event in Vijayawada a few days ago. And now, Khaidi No 150 has brought Roja and Chiranjeevi together. Khaidi No 150 has released today across the globe and is creating a whirlwind storm at the box office. At the Overseas box office, the movie is inching towards the Baahubali Premieres Record. The movie distributors are expecting the movie to earn anywhere around 23- 25 Crore Distributor Share in Telugu States alone including all on its release day which will be again an all time record.