Shocking: Vishal Started Fight on TV Channels

Telugu boy, young hero Vishal is creating sensations in Tamil film industry, It is known that Vishal made a mark on Tamil audiences with his films.

He won the hearts of Tamil film industry people by winning Nadigar Sangam Elections (or) South India Artists Association. Recently he elected as Producer Council President too.

 Ever since Vishal took over as the President of the Tamil Film Producers, he has been trying to bring out a lot of changes for the supposed betterment of the Council. Now he started fight against TV channels for making TRP rating by using songs/clippings, trailers of films which are taken for free.

Vishals’ latest decision as Producer Council President is creating sensation in Tamil Film Industry, press note issued by the TFPC, the producers have been directed not to give free content such as songs, video clippings, letters, teasers and trailers among other things to television channels.

The official statement from the Producers’ Council to all its members reads: “Dear Producers, hereby we request you to not to give any songs/clippings, trailers and letters to any channel for free of cost. Let’s bring back our honour and value for our content! Thanks, TFPC.”

As promised during Producer Council elections time, Vishal had made a formation of an anti-piracy cell headed by director Mysskin, financial assistance to producers over 80 years of age and helping farmers financially by collecting Rs 1 from every ticket sale.

Sources say that Vishal came up with this decision of not providing free content to TV channels because some of producers who undergoing losses are objected for giving Rs 1 to farmer’s from tickets price, to overcome the losses Vishal came up with an idea to encash their product on TV channels.

It needs to be seen how the new TFPC decision would go down with the producers who rely on promoting their films through television channels.