Stars scaring heroines?

Stars Scaring Heroines?

Rumours are fast spreading that stars in the industry be it Bollywood or regional like Tollywood, Kollywood etc are insulting upcoming heroines. Those who have godfathers and filmi background will be saved from such insults but there are many others who are subjected to B grade treatment. They will be objectified, insulted and some stars and film makers even demand sexual favours in return for offers.

It is known that recently Catherine Tresa was shunted out of Mega Star Chiranjeevi’s milestone 150th film ‘Khaidi No 150’ directed by VV.Vinayak. Her only fault was she differed with Chiranjeevi’s daughter Sushmita who is the stylist in the film. Instead of allowing her graceful exit, they planted news in the media stating “Catherine shown the door… she has too much attitude… earlier too she got into tiffs…”

Media too blindly followed what the film unit informed them without cross checking the facts from Catherine Tresa. Anyways no one will dare to speak against the influential families for the fear of getting sidelined. Buzz is Catherine is too scared to talk about it. Generally male actors are not treated in such manner.

Earlier in Pawan Kalyan’s ‘Sardar Gabbar Singh’, film makers replaced Anisha Ambrose after shooting few scenes denting her self confidence. She was not even informed by the film makers and she came to know about the news from the media. People still cannot forget how Radhika Apte spoke of casting couch in south when a star hero offered her roles for sexual favours and Tapsee, Samantha and others saying that they didnot get good roles in Tollywood. Radhika Apte indirectly pointed fingers towards Natasimha Balakrishna and his loose talk didnot help matters. Mohan Babu reprimanded his son Manchu Vishnu and young hero Raj Tarun for insulting Sonarika Bharodia while Nani too made some shocking comments. Same is the case with comedian Ali who always make vulgar comments on heroines in film functions.

Even in audio functions or other film, private and public functions actresses are expected to arrive at the event before time. Heroes can come late at the time of their liking. When heroines skip the function various rumours come and they can not even talk in their mother tongue or the language of their choice as people like Dasari Narayana Rao hound them for their behaviour and discipline.

In another shocker Niddhi Agerwal who is making her entry with Tiger Shroff’s ‘Munna Michael’ was forced to sign no dating clause by her film makers. This means she can not date on or off the sets. Male chauvinism always exists in the industry as similar clause was not signed by the hero.

Manchu Lakshmi however differs stating “As a producer, I have let go of actresses involved in my project for reasons I don’t mention as it may affect their image. Things like these happen all the time. Newer actresses are simply making an issue out of trivial things.”

About the dating clause she said “The actress should have spoken out against it and taken a stand for herself. But she signed it. Everyone likes to be in the limelight and it is our job.” and added “I’ve also come late but the bigger actors deserve respect. I don’t even mind getting up from the front row seats of an award show and giving it to big actors. We are here to work and not to satisfy any one’s ego. One has to fight for herself and not crib about it”

Kamna Jethmalani says “If we as actresses do not feel nice in a particular designed dress, we definitely ask for minor changes and designers often do it. We can not give our 100 percent if we are not comfortable with the dress. Being vocal about it is no harm. I do not think this should be the reason for any actress to be thrown out.”

Pragya Jaiswal says “It’s the director’s vision and his call. We all discuss before going onto the sets so we are made to understand every minute detail — right from our role to our appearances.” and on Catherine’s case she says, “I’ve never faced any problem so far. It also depends from film to film and situation to situation. I would not like to comment on it.”

A source closely associated with the film industry on anonmity reveals shocking facts. The source informed “There is a lot of discrimination that happens on a daily basis. When the first look of a film is released, there is no photo of the actress, it’s always the actor. Also, on the sets, the actresses are asked to be there way before the actor. The managers of most actresses are always the ones facing the brunt as they get yelled at if the actress is late. Also, they must be constantly in touch with the actor’s manager to ensure that the actress comes first.” But some in the industry say not all stars are discriminating and reveal that Rana for all his popularity is down to earth and share his space with his heroines.


Stars Scaring Heroines?
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