Story behind USA $40 IMAX Tickets

Baahubali-The Conclusion (Baahubali 2) ticketing opened in most of the Cinemark, Regal and Private locations in USA.  Still AMC need to open their ticketing. Premiere shows were targeted as $30 (plus tax), XD and Big screens $33 (plus tax) and whereas IMAX locations $40 (plus tax).

There was mixed response from the audience on high ticket prices. People who want to watch buying tickets irrespective of the prices and reviews.  But, some are commenting as too high prices. Some people also booking for Friday as almost $7 less than Premiere shows.

Here is interesting share on IMAX ticking prices. Even though IMAX ticket prices are at $40, distributor share is only $15. Theaters will take 50% of cost and IMAX will charge 12.5% as their royalty fee. So, distributor will get only 37.5% out of $40 which is only $15 per each ticket.

Telugu tickets some locations going fast and some locations OK. Tamil sales going very slow when compared Telugu. Hardly we can expect only 10% gross for Tamil when compared to Telugu from Premiere shows.

It might be too early to analyze Premiere grosses. So, let’s stay tuned for till Tue/Wed to see the full picture!