Two Comedians Attended The Court

It is known that ace Kollywood comedians Vadivelu and Singamuthu who were best friends turned as rivals in a land issue, they had an open spat more than five years ago, had stopped working with each other in films despite both of them having delivered some mightily hilarious comedy sections in many films prior to their fight. two comedians attended court

Ace comedian Vadivelu had earlier filed a cheating case against Singamuthu accusing him of committing land fraud. From past couple of high, the trail has been occurring in Chennai High Court. When it came up for hearing On April, 7th, neither Vadivelu nor Singamuthu were present at the Court. two comedians attended court

The Judge ordered that summons be issued to both the comedians to appear in the Court personally on 20th, April failing which arrest warrants would be issued against them. Ace comedians, who don’t have any chance to disobey the law, finally appeared in court on yesterday. two comedians attended court

Buzz spread that these comedians made the settlement out of the court on this issue, but yesterday in court they opened up there is no such out of court settlement occurred, they will fight in court room itself. High court Judge who listened both versions on the case, declared next hearing in Next month.