Venkatapuram Movie Review

Movie:        Venkatapuram

Rating:       2.5/5

Director:     Venu Madikanti

Behind the Screens

Rahul Haridas has got no proper hit after his smashing debut with Sekhar Kammula’s Happy Days. The actor is still in search of his first hit after his dream debut since 2010. Venkatapuram is the latest film of the actor releasing on May 12th. Check for the Exclusive Review of Venkatapuram.

Anand (Rahul Haridas) is a Pizza Delivery boy who is leading life easy. Then, a girl Chaitra (Mahima) enters into his life and brings ripples in his story. Anand finds himself entangled in a murder case. Rest of the story is all about how Anand comes out of the mess and what the relation between him and Chaitra is.

Star Shine:
Happy Days fame Rahul has evolved big time with this film. His makeover is impressive and he breathed life into Anand Character. Mahima, the newcomer has got an insignificant role. Ajay Ghosh is impressive but his acting goes overboard at places. Ajay, Kasi Viswanadh, and others are good to the extent of their characters.

Venkatapuram is a Crime Mystery. Even though the story is plain, there are certain twists which make the story interesting. The first half is interesting with the story being told in Flashback mode and introducing the characters one after the other. The first half is all about introducing the complications in the story. The songs are however spending breakers here. The second half is all about revealing the twists. Even though some of them are predictable, a few of them are interesting. Some of the scenes have missed the logic and the climax ends on an interesting note. The director should have taken care of the slow pace of the film.

Venu Madikanti impressed with his first outing. Even though the story is simple, the way he handled it is interesting. But then, there are some deficiencies which hinder the film experience. Music and camera work are the major highlights of the film. Songs are speed breakers but the background score is top notch. The locales of Vizag are good on screen. Editing is alright while the production values are fine.

Movie Marks:
Good with No Expectations

Cast: Rahul, Mahima Makhwana, Kashi Vishwanath, Ajay, Jogi Brothers, Anitha, and Others

Director: Venu Madikanti.

Story, Screenplay, and Dialogues: Venu Madikanti.

Producer: Shreyas Srinivas Rao and Tumu Phani Kumar

Banner: Good Cinema Group Release

Release date: May 12th, 2017