WOW Factor missing in Part 2 First Look?

Baahubali Part 2 First look was revealed today on the eve of upcoming Prabha’s birthday. Baahubali Part 2 first look response is just OK but Wow factor is missing based of social media response, which is required for this kind of high budget magnum opus. Several people already started expressing their disappointment on social media. As the expectations are very high it’s failed to meet every one’s expectations. Distributors are investing their lives rather than money as the prices are sky rocketing. It’s not that easy to get into safe zone with these kinds of just Ok response.

With this high investments, will it able to recover just OK kinds of response? Some even are saying like it’s fan made poster? It’s known fact that Part 1 itself at least 20% didn’t like but it did wonders because of Rajamouli’s marketing skills, hype and all Telugu audience and media support because it was first time.  But, it’s not that easy to maintain that hype for second part of any movie as they always try to compare and look for something different, more and more than Part 1.

Let’s wait and see till Jan’2017 and see how the Baahubali Part 2 teaser or trailer creates impact on the audience! As of now according to peoples response on social media it is just Ok but not awesome and the wow factor is missing.