“Brindavanam” audio songs review

“Brindavanam” audio songs review

Song1: “Adherinade chinoodo………….”

Singers: Geetha Madhuri, Rita and Ramya

Lyrics: Anath Sriram

This is a theme song composed of western style. It sounds that this song will be displayed during such scenes that highlight hero’s character in the movie.

Song2: “Yuvakula manasaina……………”

Singers: Remo Fernandes, Ranjith, and Revathi

Lyrics: Krishna Chaitanya

This song is another western beat. If visuals are good it is a highlight of the movie. Way of singing and way of composition resembles AR.Rahman’s style. Everyone knows NTR’s dancing caliber and if this song is choreographed well, it will be another song that raises NTR’s image.

Song3: “Chiguraku sannaga vooginde……………..”

Singers: Shankar Mahadevan and Shreya Goshal

Lyrics: Ananth Sriram

This song starts with a melodious tune that resembles a village backdrop as it is seen in our movies of previous decades. This song is a beautiful folk number. Shankar Mahadevan and Shreya Goshal did excellent job with this folk – mass number. Ananth Sriram wrote excellent lyrics.

Song4: “Nijamena nijamena………………..”

Singers: Karthik and Suchitra

Lyrics: Anantha Sriram

This song resembles Harris Jayraj style of songs for hero Surya movies. This song is a nice western melody that scopes for Hero and Heroine’s performance with dance included in it. If proper care is taken at visual effects, this song remains as one of the highlights of the movie. Again lyrics are good.

Song5: “Toorupu padamara kalisindoi,……….”

Singers: MM.Keeravani, Koti, Ranjith, KK

Lyrics: Ramajogayya Sastri

This is another folk type with nice lyrics. It seems that it is a group song and important characters in this movie will appear in this song where it is a peak point of the story. Singers and lyricist did excellent job.

Song 6: “Voopirage …………….”

Singers: Rahul Nambiar

Lyrics: Ramajogayya Sastri

This is a tragedy song with excellent music score by Thaman. Rahul Nambiar’s voice and Ramajogayya’s lyrics added beautiful flavor to this song. Even though it is a tragedy song, it attracts the audience if visuals are good. This song resembles Mani Sharma’s song for hero Mahesh babu movie. But Thaman did excellent job and he showed his talent with his rhythmic style.

Song 7: “Bridavanamadhi andharidhi………….”

Singers: Savithri , B.Vasantha , Muralidhar , Sukhwinder Singh , Geethamadhuri , Baba Sehgal

Lyrics: Ananth Sriram

This song starts with a good olden style of Indian classical movie theme. The song gradually transits into a peppy mass number. This song transition from old movie style to present day western mass number is really good. Thaman really did excellent job. It is clear that this song takes place between two heroines and hero. Excellent job done by Geethamadhuri and Baba Sehgal. And nice work by Ananth Sriram at lyrics.

Song 8: “Nachile nachile………….”

Singers: Baba Sehgal, Nikhita Nigam and Ranjith

Lyrics: Ananth Sriram

This is another fast beat song and it seems that this song is another group song with main star cast of the movie. Punjabi style at the end of the song is good.

Overall, Thaman did excellent job for NTR’s “Brindhavanam” movie. If visuals are good and if NTR’s dance and performance suits the songs, most of the songs will really rock the screen. This kind of music composition is really a big assert for NTR’s career. Thaman’s music includes all kinds of commercial elements. Surely he will be the most wanted music director for tollywood.

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“Brindavanam” audio songs review
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