“Brindavanam” trembled the records.

Young Tiger NTR’s “Brindavanam” is creating the sensational records all over the world and it trembled the record in its week collections. It has collected Rs. 22, 14, 60,312 original shares (Excluding M.G’s share) all over the world. “Brindavanam” really brought the smile on faces of all the distributors and exhibitors and it’s really like a happy entertainer. Here is the report of collections in all districts.


District                  Share Collected in 1st Week                                   
Ananthapuram Rs. 30,02,000
KurnoolRs. 25,29,262
MadanapalleRs. 21,00,529
GuttiRs. 9,20,000
ProddaturRs. 22,19,000
GudivadaRs. 13,49,000
KavaliRs. 6,70,000
PalamanerRs. 6,10,000
NizamRs. 5,50,00,000
CededRs. 4,33,29,132
NelloreRs. 79,50,000
GunturRs. 1,58,00,000
VizagRs. 1,51,54,600
Krishna DistrictRs. 1,09,53,670
East Godavari  DistrictRs. 99,00,500
West Godavari DistrictRs. 98,72,570
KarnatakaRs. 2,35,89,420


“Brindavanam” trembled the records.
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