“Hiss” in Telugu on 22nd October

Earlier rumors had spread in the film nagar that Mallika sherawat starring bollywood movie “Hiss” is being dubbed into Telugu as “Thrill”. Latest news is that this film is being dubbed with same name “Hiss”. Chadalavada Srinivasa rao of  ‘Sri Tirumal Tirupathi Venkateshwara Films’ who bought the Telugu version rights of this film has announced that this film is going to release on October 22nd with same title as its original version.   

He also added that Indian is land of scriptural rituals and we all admire Snakes (naginis) as goddess, As the story goes, the movie is about the Vengeance of Naagin, the Snake Woman when the legend of the Naagin has been spreading for over 4000 years ago. Finally in 2009 George States (Jeff Douchette), a ruthless American travels to the jungles of India and captures her mate. She transforms into a stunningly attractive woman (Mallika Sherawat) with absolutely no clue about contemporary civilization or the ways of mankind, and ventures into the city in desperate search for her lover with vengeance on her mind and venom in her fangs.

What follows is a chase at breakneck speed, with horrifying deaths, narrow escapes and special effects never seen before in India, as Vikram Gupta’s (Irrfan Khan) Clarice Starling chases down a beautiful sexy killer more dangerous, powerful and terrifying than Hannibal Lecter. This is India’s Werewolf, Vampire, and Hannibal the Cannibal, who has an axe to grind with the villainous human race who has dared to desecrate her environment and capture her mate.

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“Hiss” in Telugu on 22nd October
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