“Hisss” Business report.

Mallika Sherawat’s  Nagin movie “Hisss” was released yesterday (October 22nd) and has become one of the worst movies ever seen in this decade.  Indians have a reputation of offering best movies on Snakes, where Mallika Sherawat also offered the same but it has become like a best in bareness and Headache. Story, scripting, picturization, graphics, performances and everything about “Hiss” is extremely bad, though Mallika Sherawat has given her best shot. There is nothing in this movie to lift it u p, the business of “Hiss” is also gone up with an average, due to the publicity of Mallika Sherawat and here is the business of this disaster film.

District                            Business                               
NIZAMMayuri release
CEDEDRs. 54.00 Lakhs
NELLORERs. 9.40 Lakhs
GUNTURMayuri release
KRISHNARs. 13.00 Lakhs
WEST GODAVARIRs. 12.00 Lakhs (not released due to Association problem)
EAST GODAVARIRs. 14.00 Lakhs
VIZAGRs. 20.00 Lakhs
 SATELLITETelugu Producers are not having


“Hisss” Business report.
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