“Mahesh Khaleja” in dilemma.

It is learnt that Tollywood Prince Mahesh Babu and stunning beauty Anushka starrer “Mahesh Khaleja” has started its count down (Going for  release  tomorrow). Latest news is that unknown single party (Unknown person) from UAE (Unites Arab Emirates) had purchased the UAE screening right of this film and he also gave some amount as advance payment, but now that person has dropped to take the rights of this film due to unknown  reasons. Now, producers are in search of another distributor in UAE and they are in a dilemma.

In the mean time today 2 Prints are already dispatched to UK (United Kingdom (London)). The producers are trying hard to release the film worldwide  tomorrow. 

Already 37 prints have arraived in JFK  USA and the premier shows are scheduled in some areas like East Windsor in NJ, North Burgan in NJ, Movie City in NJ, Delaware, Virginia, San Jose in CA, Los Angeles in CA, Boston in CT  

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“Mahesh Khaleja” in dilemma.
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