“Mahesh Khaleja” producer warns Ficus.

It is learnt that “Ficus Movies’ has bagged the USA screening rights of “Mahesh Kahleja”. Latest News is that one of the producers of this film C.Kalyan has warned the Ficus Movies to settle the total amount on or before tomorrow. Ficus made a deal long back ago when Singamala Ramesh was only producing this film, but later on C.Kalyan also added as producer to this heavy budget movie.

‘Ficus’ has not  cleared the amount of its recent release “Puli” in committed time, the cheques given during the time of “Puli” got bounced and later on they settled the amount. Considering it Producer C.Kalyan has given a Danger Alarm to the ‘Ficus’ to clear total amount, otherwise they might be a chance to cancel the agreement and give screening rights to some other  company. He also said that if the amount is not cleared in correct time, he said that he will give a press statement regarding cancellation of agreement.

‘Ficus Movie’s who is currently enjoying the release of ‘Robot’ has faced dilemma situation. Lets us hope ‘Ficus’ will clear all the issues before “Mahesh Khaleja” release and will enjoy the fruit.