“Mahesh Khaleja” story outline leaked.

It is learnt that one of the Tollywood’s most awaited movies, “Mahesh Khaleja” faced many controversies. This is a movie of Tollywood Prince Mahesh Babu coming after a long gap of around three years where stunning beauty Anuska has paired up with Mahesh in this film. Latest buzz in the industry is that the story of “Mahesh Khaleja” has leaked, 

It is an open secret that Mahesh Babu is doing the role of a Taxi Driver where he doesn’t involve on others matter and he is grand son of a principled middle class teacher .Mahesh’s friend dies in an accident and during his last moments he requests Mahesh Babu to deliver his insurance money to his parents. The friend’s parents live in Rajasthan and so do we see some camels on the poster below. So Mahesh goes to Rajasthan to fulfill his friend’s last wish where he meets Anushka (Heroine) and they faces a surprise attack on both of them. They survive and escape from the jaws of death. Hero is seriously injured in the process. When hero regains consciousness, he is in a village and treated by some villagers. In Rajasthan all the villages are being ruled by the villain, he is rude to all the people and will kill all those who go against him. The story goes to and fro and finally Mahesh clashes with the villain and we have a fight scene at a petro bunk. He becomes a savior by finishing the bad guy.  The climax of the movie will be full of unexpected twists and turns.

As far as the story of Mahesh Khaleja is concerned to be a not different from many other stories in Tollywood. Rumors are spreading in the film nagar that in second half of this film one incident about reincarnation was showed in trailers where these scenes are lagging the second half and later end part sounds good.  

Let’s just hope “Mahesh Khaleja” has much more in its store to thrill the audience. And hope the twists and turns do become a huge success.

“Mahesh Khaleja” story outline leaked.
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