“Robot” is Soundarya’s wedding gift

“Endhiran/ Robot” has been declared a smash hit by trade pundits, and it is obvious that the Superstar is a happy man these days. But there’s someone else who can’t stop smiling -Rajini’s younger daughter Soundarya. Her wedding, a month ago to Ashwin Ramkumar, was one of the most high profile events the city has ever seen and just within a month her father’s movie has been labelled a blockbuster. The proud daughter admits that she is on top of the world right now. "I watched the film thrice the day it was released and I still I feel it was not enough! I want to see more of my dad and I am planning to watch it as many times as possible. I consider “Robot/ Endhiran” as the best wedding gift that I ever had," says an excited Soundarya. She adds that both she and her hubby Ashwin feel that the film heralds a new experience in world cinema.