“Yemaindi Ee Vela” and “Kalyanram Kathi” Overseas prints dispatched.

It is learnt that two exciting films are going to wrestle each on this Friday. They are none other than  Varunsandesh, Nisha Agarwal (Sister of  Kajal Agarwal) starrer “Yemaindi Ee Vela” and Nadamuri Kalyanram’s “Kalyanram Kathi” which are going to hit the theaters on day after tomorrow( Friday(November 12th)).  

It is well known that Varunsandesh’s “Yemaindi Ee Vela” overseas screening rights were bagged by ‘Praneeth Media’ and Nadamuri Kalyanram’s “Kalyanram Kathi”  rights were bagged by ‘Blue Sky Movies’. Latest news is that the Overseas prints of these two movies are dispatched from Hyderabad and these prints will be carrying by Kumar through 9:30PM (IST) Emirates Flight from Mumbai to New York City, today (November 10th). Kumar is carrying 5prints (2 regular and 3 Digital Prints) of “Kalyanram Katti” and 6Prints (3 Regular and 3 Digital) of “Yemaindi Ee Vela”. He will reach New York by tomorrow.   

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“Yemaindi Ee Vela” and “Kalyanram Kathi” Overseas prints dispatched.
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