10 Mistakes in Power Star Pawan Kalyan's “Puli”.

10 Mistakes in Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s “Puli”.

1. Police Badge :-   Spelling mistake of Komaram puli in Telugu and in English like It was written as “Komram Puli” but it must be “ Komaram Puli”, not in English even in Telugu also they did the same thing. But, in the end of the picture, they have corrected and it shows correctly as “Komaram Puli” in English as well as in Telugu.
2. Police dress :- Sometimes Pawan wore Khaki and sometimes Olive Green it doesn’t show the perfect position of Power Star. 
3. “Puli” Born :- Saranya delivers Puli (Pawan Kalyan) in a deep water without anybody’s help and holds the baby in her hands
4. “Puli” heroism downs :- Such a powerful police officer can not able to identify the villain Nixon within his group as his right hand. Such a powerful police officer can not able to identify the fake Drama of heroine played as police officer.
5. “Puli” becomes “Pilli” :- “Puli” has become “Pilli” when in the scene of heroine Prorogating and seducing the hero by showing her Sexy sparks. This scene is utterly failed and too lengthy for a Song lead-Tested the patience of the audience.
6. Manoj Bajpai’s worst scene :- Villain Manoj Bajpai’s scene, immediately after interval was so worst of all the scenes in the picture. Why not the villain Tried for the Puli’s trtansfer or suspension when he was so powerful in the Government, it’s a question mark on the Faces of Audience.
7. Puli’s absurd doing :- Powerful Puli towed the Benz car of villain in no parking area  By himself and seeing this villains sycophant Cochin Haifa Went to Benz car show room, issued a cheque there Brought the new car within no time. This scene shows the Capability of the director on the script of this picture.
8. Audio is miserable :-   Rahman’s audio is miserable and Chandra Bose lyrics are not Audible, the background score dominated.
9. Puli not Roars :- It’s a saying that a barking dog can not bite-like that Puli not have done any thing except speeches and speeches, too lengthy dialogue scenes                
10. Puli Climax :- Same climax as in the last week released “Gayam-2”.
Finally, Power Stars “Puli” is failed to entertain the audience in all aspects by the way of poor dialogues without any punches, poor comedy, poor action part except Thailand action part, poor choreography, poor heroine, poor script, poor directorial merits. These are all made the producer to loss Rs.15cr.Where is the wrong happened either by the producer or by the director or by the hero.
Now a days film are starting by the hero said ok for the script narrated to him by the director. How these scripts are accepting by the heroes without thinking the future fate of hero, Producer, Director and Heroine. It’s a warning to the producers, distributors and exhibitors to realize after this disaster and it’s not good to spend money a lot, banking on the combinations.
10 Mistakes in Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s “Puli”.
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