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Live Rating: 2.75/5.0

First half of the movie is decent compared to the second half. The second half of the movie storyline was dragging at a few points. Better editing may have yielded a good result. Kalyan Ram has made a good show in a recent time when compared to his recent disasters. But we have to wait and see how the film will work commercially at the box office, as it lacks commercial elements. Nivetha Thomas has got a good role to perform compared to Shalini Pandey. Production values are good. Story and direction are also decent.

8.30 AM IST: Kalyan Ram traced out all the culprits and movie comes to an end

8.20 AM IST: With the help of Nasser, Kalyan Ram takes, medications to enter into a dream, and in the dream, he finds out, what is happening to Nivetha

As of now, 118 has collected $1,024 (8:00 PM EST) from 10 Locations

The movie is losing its tempo

8.10 AM IST: In the flashback, it was full of medical corruption

8.00 AM IST: Hari Teja’s entry and revealing flashback story of Nivetha Thomas to Kalyan Ram

7.55 AM IST: Time for an Action sequence in Vizag Port

7.45 AM IST: Villian gang is spoiling all pieces of evidence and killing who are helping Kalyan Ram.

The first half of the movie is decent. The story is gripping. Director stood on the point on what he is going to narrate and didn’t get deviated. Let’s see how the second half will be.

7.30 AM IST: Goons attack on Kalyan Ram’s vehicle and he got a call from Nivetha Thomas. Still, now the director has not revealed the face of Nivetha.

7.25 AM IST: Kalyan Ram Once again Went to the same hotel, to find his dream, which Is linking his life and dream, but to his astonishment, he cames to a conclusion that he is able to see the dream only on Full moon Day

So far the movie is going on with a good pace with gripping narration

7.05 AM IST: Kalyan Ram always sees a car in his dream and shockingly he finds the same car in his real life too. So he comes to the conclusion that his dream is real.

7.00 AM IST: Shalini Pandey entry as Kalyan Ram girlfriend Megha. Time for first song  “Chandamama” and it’s a good one.

6.55 AM IST: Nassar entry as Doctor

6.50 AM IST: Kalyan Ram is hunting with the same dream and the time and door number of the hotel room is 118

6.45 AM IST: Chammak Chandra and Prabhas Srinu entry

6.40 AM IST: Kalyan Ram works as a TV media journalist. He captured video of home minister brother’s gang’s illegal activities. Its Time for first action episode

6.35 AM IST: Movie shifted to six months Forward and Kalyan Ram started investigating of his dream

6.30 AM IST: Movie opens up with Kalyan Ram’s entry, and he had a dream in which Nivetha Thomas is getting hurt

Nandamuri Kalyan Ram’s 118 surrounded with a good buzz. The film is all set to hit screens on the 1st of March. Nivetha Thomas and Shalini Pandey are the female lead roles in 118 which is directed by Guhan. Mahesh Koneru is producing this film under East Coast Productions banner. Music director Shekhar Chandra is scoring music. Kalyan Ram is pinning a lot of Hopes on 118 as he needs a decent hit. Stay tuned for this space for a genuine review.

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