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Movie: 2.0


Direction: Shankar

Behind the Scenes:

Sensational Director Shankar is teaming up with Superstar Rajinikanth once again for 2.0, the Second Part of the Blockbuster, Robot. He brought down Bollywood Superstar Akshay Kumar as the baddie for the movie and has invested as much as 500 Crore on the Project. Let us see how 2.0 is received by the audience:


Cell Phones start disappearing into the sky even piercing through the ceilings. People are scared and scientists after some research find that a force stronger than the Gravitational Force is stealing the cell phone. A Bird Man (Akshay Kumar) formed by the Cell Phones starts destroying the World. The scientists decide to resurrect Chitti 2.0 to combat the Bird Man. What happens next in the story forms the rest.
Star Shine:

Rajinikanth should be appreciated for attempting a role with lot of action and dance steps. It is not easy to play such role at this age. Some of the sequences were completed with a dupe for obvious reasons. It is difficult to find who is the Real Rajinikanth and who is the VFX Rajinikanth at many places. It is also the case with Akshay Kumar. We only get to see him in the Bird Man Getup. Except for Amy Jackson, there are no more known faces. The film mostly revolves between Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar’s Combat and so there is not much need for other actors.

2.0 is technically very strong. Shankar gave more importance to the Visual Wonder than the story. The Visuals are like never before in the Indian Cinema and he captivates the audience with that Brilliance. However, the movie is low on Emotions which is the forte of Robot. Songs by AR Rahman are not great but they are grand. Rahman should his mark with excellent BGM. Nirav Shah’s Camera Work is Superb. Editing by Anthony is good. The Production Values are Excellent.

The first half of the film is more about the disappearance of Cell Phones and the destruction by Bird Man. The Interval Bang shows Akshay Kumar as Bird Man. The Second Half is more about the confrontation between Chitti and the Bird Man. The episode revealing the reason behind the resurrection of Bird Man is very emotional. The VFX goes to the next level in the Climax. Even though the emotions are not as effective as Robot, Shankar still binds audience with the VFX Marvel. All in all, 2.0 lives up to the hype and expectations

Movie Marks:

2.0: Shankar’s Visual Brilliance

Cast: Rajinikanth, Amy Jackson, Akshay Kumar, and Others
Direction and Screenplay: Shankar
Story: Shankar and Jeyamohan
DOP: Nirav Shah
Music: AR Rahman
Editor: Anthony
Producer: A Subaskaran
Banner: Lyca Productions
Release Date: 29th November 2018

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