20 Crore Table Profit for Nagarjuna with Hello

Akhil Akkineni’s next film, Hello in the direction of Manam fame Vikram K Kumar is being planned for December 22nd as Christmas Festival Special. The movie shooting is currently on its last leg. The movie is getting good offers from trade despite Akhil‘s first film failure. The movie has fetched for a fancy offer by Narasimha for 5 Cr in NRA basis.This became quite a sensation in trade circles. Trade is taken back by the offers the movie is getting despite the actor’s first movie being a disaster and they say as a producer Nagarjuna is likely to have nearly Rs 20 Cr table profit on this movie taking account of the pre-release business. This is a huge return on investment.
This new project is almost like a make or break project for Akhil as if the movie ends up as a failure, people will start writing him off. Vikram K Kumar after Manam directed Suriya in a science fiction film, 24 which ended up as a big failure even though it did decently well in Telugu.  Vikram should also bag a hit and prove that he is not a one film wonder. It is known to our readers that Akhil‘s debut movie, Akhil – The Power of Jua ended up as a massive disaster at the box office. The movie which had registered the pre-release business of over 47 Crore could not even collect 20 Crore Share in its full run. Anoop Rubens is the Music Composer. Akhil reportedly sang a song for the first time in the film. Akhil himself sang a song for the film which will be the highlight of the movie.