24 Kisses Movie Review

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Movie: 24 Kisses

Rating: 1.25/5.0

Behind the Scenes:

This is the season of Bold films in Tollywood especially after the success of RX 100. Mixing the theme with Hebah Patel who is famous for her Bold Act in films like Kumari 21 F made 24 Kisses very marketable. But Boldness is not enough for selling a film to the audience. Let us see how 24 Kisses is received by the Audience.


Anand (Arun Adith) is a children’s filmmaker who does not believe in the concept of Love but has relationships with many women. He happens to meet Sri Lakshmi (Hebah Patel) who is a mass communications student. They slowly get closer. Sri Lakshmi says it is love and Anand does not accept it. That argument leads to their separation. What happens next in their love story and what is the reason for Anand’s aversion to love forms the rest.
Star Shine:

Arun Adith and Hebah Patel are so natural in the film and performed with good maturity. The chemistry between them is good. Rao Ramesh is good as a Psychotherapist. Aditi Mayakal is good as a modern lady. Naresh gets an insignificant role as the heroine’s father.


The film is okay technically. Ayodhyakumar failed miserably in writing as well as the direction. He only stuffed the film with confusion and sleaze. Dialogues are impressive here and there. Joe Baruva manages to get pass marks only with two songs. Uday Gurrala’s Camera Work is good. Editing could have been a lot better. The Production Values are okay.


24 Kisses is all about the relationships and values of the current generation youth. The director also tried to mix the concept of children in it to get a message-oriented feel. But then, all this only adds to the confusion in the story. During many times in the film, we do not get to understand what the director is trying to do. We get a feel the movie is going endlessly with so much of drag. There are two boring and silly stories about why the hero does not believe in love and marriage. We do not get to see entertainment or emotions in the whole story. It is a combination of sleaze and a documentary about children which is outrightly boring.

Movie Marks:

24 Kisses: Outrightly Borefest

Cast: Arun Adith, Hebah Patel, Rao Ramesh, and Others

Writing and Direction: Ayodhyakumar Krishnamsetty

DOP: Uday Gurrala

Music: Joe Baruva

Editor: Anil Aalayam

Producer: Sanjay Reddy and Anil Pallala

Banner: Respect Creations

Presentation: Silly Monks

Release Date: 23rd November 2018

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