3 movie Review

3 movie Review

Movie:     3

Rating:    2.5/5

Director: Aishwarya

Banner:   RK Productions and Wonderbar Films


The film is about the life of a young boy. He is hero Dhanush. He has a problem. He is sort of mentally retarded. However there is a surprise. Even after being a mentally unstable guy, Dhanush is so clever that he is totally aware of his condition.

Dhanush and Shruthi Haasan are college mates. Their friendship leads them to the next step – love and marriage. The twist in the tale is that Shruthi Haasan is completely unaware of the mental condition of Dhanush. He on the other hand is constantly worried abut his condition and fears to think what will happen once Shruthi comes to know abut his condition?

Dhanush is naturally agitated and all the time contemplates committing suicide. Will he commit suicide. Will Shruthi Haasan ever come to know about the condition of her husband? How will she react? Answers to this and many more questions can be found in the remaining part of the story.

Dhanush carries his dual personality quite well. He is impressive in showing both the sides of his personality. Dhanush does justice to his role. Shruthi Haasan is very impressive. She is very lovely as a college student. She also does a good job in the emotional scenes. The paring of Shruthi and Dhanush is perfect.

Dhanush and Shruthi Haasan
Kovarei Di song

Very complicated subject
Serious treatment
Too serious subject and treatment

Analysis and verdict
The title 3 is derived from Dhanush and Shruthi Haasan. While the first and second numbers are for Dhanush and his split personality, the third is Sruthi Haasan. Together the number ‘#’ is arrived at. 3 is not a run of the mill film. The subject as well as the treatment is offbeat.
The film will appeal only largely to the discerning and intelligent audiences. For the average audiences the film will not hold much appeal. Director Aishwarya tries hard but the end product is something that only the elite audiences can digest. 3 is a different kind of film that one does not come across every day.

3 movie Review
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