4 Friends Review


Movie: 4 Friends

Rating: 2/5

Director: Saji Surendran


Making films with the inspiration of other language films especially from Hollywood flicks is not new to the Indian film makers. Director Saji Surendran too got inspired with the Hollywood film ‘Bucket List’ where four friends, all of whom suffer from cancer but want to lead their remaining life happily by going to places and enjoy their life. Though Saji Surendran prepared his own subject by taking the main theme of the original giving the audiences a feel that it is a film made with the inspiration of the original. Kamal Hassan who played a cameo role in the movie gave a boost to the film.

Roy (Jayaram), Surya (Kunchacko Boban), Amir (Jayasurya) and Gowri (Meera Jasmine) join a cancer institute called Pratheeksha run by Dr Nandakumar (Ganesh) as patients to undergo treatment. However, they don’t want to depress with the disease and instead try to find ways to live their remaining life happily. In the process, all the four become thick friends. Soon, they decide to visit places of interest among them and select Malaysia where Surya’s girlfriend lives. In fact, it is the words of Kamal Hassan that inspire them from falling into depression. He talks about cancer and quotes the names of Satyan, Srividya and the latest Gowthami, who escaped from the jaws of death. Dialogues penned for his character were quite good and made even the audiences to think. The four frends enjoy the balance life without any depression and make their life happy. What happens to their lives had to be seen in the climax.

Though the film had nothing much to offer, one could suggest the film to watch for two reasons. One is Kamal Hassan. Though not his star image, it is the dialogues penned for his character made the character very important. Jayasurya is another artiste, who is known for experimenting with characters, and always shows lots of dedication towards his character in any film. He gave a wonderful performance all through the film. Jayaram and Meera Jasmine too did justice to their characters. It is Kunchacko Boban who takes care of comedy in the entire movie, though Jayasurya’s performance is a life saver for the entire movie. Salimkumar and Suraj Venjaramoodu tried their best to tickle the funny bones of audiences in this melo-dramatic film.



Though not so effective in Telugu, the dialogues in the original Malayalam version are quite realistic. In the dubbed version, it lacked the depth and intensity. They are not so arresting and effective. However, Saji Surendran should be commended for choosing ‘Yeh Dosti…’ song. It has become the theme setter and the music director chose to repeat the song as a theme song for several times in the film. The melodramatic climax for the film made it a tear-jerker. Camera work by Anil Nair is average. He made good attempts to shot different and difficult shots and achieved good results. Especially the suicidal bridge scenes in the climax are worth mentioning. Editing is okay.

Though there are occasional suggestions about chemotherapy, neuron drugs and radiation, the actors appear with gym-toned body and heavy make-ups at their desperate times and this made the film a laughing stock. The director, who could bring out the film as a potential tear-jerker did not make any serious attempts while trying to give positive suggestions to those who are almost on deathbed

Cast: Jayaram, Kunchacko Boban, Jayasurya, Meera Jasmine and Kamal Hassan

Credits: Music – M Jayachandran, Cinematography – Anil Nair, Presents – Johnny, Production – G Srinivas, S Kanakalakshmi.

Banner:  RA Art Productions

Released on: February 3, 2012