47 Days Movie Review

47 Days Movie Review

Movie: 47 Days

Rating: 1.5/5

Director: Pradeep Maddali

Behind the Scenes:

Satyadev’s 47 Days which was lying in cans for several months was unaffected by the Corona Crisis. But the movie got a breather with the Direct Online Releases Trend started during this Crisis. The movie is finally out on Zee5 skipping its theatrical release. Let us see how the movie releasing today will connect to the audience.


ACP Satya (Satyadev) life turns upside down after his wife, Paddu (Roshini Prakash) commits suicide all of sudden due to unknown reasons. At the same time, there is another suicide case of Srinivas, a pharmaceutical company owner. There is an unexpected connection between both their deaths which leads to a huge scandal. What is that? How Satya is able to solve the case? forms the rest.


Satyadev performed well in a character-filled with emotions and seriousness. He did justice to his character but then, it appears like we have seen the actor in similar roles in the past. Srikanth Ayyangar performed well, particularly in the climax. The heroines – Pooja Jhaveri and Roshini Prakash are just okay. Ravi Varma is okay in whatever he is given while Hari Teja is wasted. There are several other characters without much substance.

Technical Performances:

Pradeep Maddali, the Protege of Puri Jagannadh struggled right from the go. The story he selected did not have much substance and further, he struggled to narrate it interesting. Raghu Kunche’s music is the only saving grace of the film. Even though the songs do not deserve a mention, the background score is very appealing. He tried his best to keep the audience engrossed but could not. GK’s camera work is good. The lighting at places is impressive. SR Sekkar’s editing could have been better.


47 Days start with the Voiceover of Puri Jagannadh. Right from the title, the director seems to be trying different things to make the film a suspenseful thriller but nothing works. The movie is less than two hours long and we tend to get bored right from the start to the end. Even the twist that comes towards the end does not excite the audience much. If the movie is this boring even for a digital watch, we can imagine what would have happened if it released in the theaters.

Movie Marks:

47 Days: Fails To Impress Even for 47 Minutes

Starring: Satyadev, Roshini Prakash, Pooja Jhaveri, and Others
Written and Directed by Pradeep Maddali
Produced by Title Card Entertainments
Music by Raghu Kunche
Cinematography by GK

Release Date: June 30th, 2020 (Direct Online Release on Zee5)