Who are those 76 Heroines Involved in USA sex racket?

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Telugu film industry credits reached peaks in the world of cinema with gigantic success of Baahubali series. Not only Baahubali many Telugu films have made their mark in the Overseas film market.

This only one side of the coin, on another side, Tollywood is grappling with drugs scandal, casting couch controversies etc., Now, it is experiencing tremors following USA cops arresting executive producer Modugumudi Kishan and his wife Chandrakala for running a sex racket in the USA with South film actress.

This news was burst one of the upcoming actresses who turned as victim reported USA COP’s, after a couple of secret investigation Federal Cops arrested Modugumudi Kishan and his wife Chandrakala with proofs.

The shocking news has come out that, Federal Cops are suspecting the involvement of around 76 heroines in the racket. Names of popular Sandalwood actresses, few Tollywood actresses are coming out. Reports share that the couple is running the Sex racket from a couple of years and they booked 76 flight tickets to Upcoming Telugu and Kannada heroines.

Rumours are spreading like wide fire about the involvement of Top Tollywood actresses in the racket. Industry bigwigs are getting scared as to where the investigation will lead to and whose names will come out. Telugu Movie Artist Association (MAA) already warned the Telugu actresses to inform them before committing to any USA programs. MAA is going to organize a special meeting on this issue on June 24th.

Watch this space for more updates.

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