ABCD Live Review

ABCD Live Review

Last updated on August 2nd, 2019 at 12:24 pm

Allu Sirish after the failure of Okka Kshanam is back again to try his luck with a remake Project, ABCD – American Born Confused Desi. The actor has pinned all his hopes on this film to be back into the Winning Ways. Here is ABCD Live Review from the first USA Premiere:

3:50 AM IST: Titles with a Channel Reporter asking a Question to People of Netaji Nagar. Vennela Kishore introduced as ‘Third News’ Channel CEO.

3:56 AM IST: Allu Sirish being introduced in a Night Club with ABCD Title Song. Sirish is shown as a spendthrift. Father (Nagababu) worried of his $20000 Expenses for Month while mom supports him.

4:06 AM IST: Fight with some Gangsters in a Night Club. Sirish gets arrested. Tussle shifts to Home as well. Father on fire. Allu Sirish reluctantly goes to India for safe shelter. He has one month to join a University in Australia.

4:13 AM IST: Subhaleka Sudhakar and Kota Srinivasa Rao introduced as Politicians. Raja is Sudhakar’s son who comes from Dubai.

4:15 AM IST: Allu Sirish in India and goes to a Slum to reside. He is accompanied by Master Bharat. They checked into Trident Hotel.

4:21 AM IST: Rukshar Dhillon introduced with a Flash Mob in a Mall. She is a Weight Loss Promotor.

4:29 AM IST: Twist. Father has a shock in store for Allu Sirish. Challenges to live on a paltry 5000 Rupees per Month.

4:38 AM IST: Sirish’s Money Struggles Shown Funnily. America Naa America Song Time. About the struggles in Slums. Good One.

4:45 AM IST: A comedy scene between the hero and heroine. Sirish tries to fool his father to go back to the USA but of no use. Father holds him back with a new condition.

4:53 AM IST: A comedy fight follows. Allu Sirish decides to go to college. 

First Half Concludes with limited comedy. The story is ordinary with some scenes of Bharath working here and there. Things will depend a lot on how the second half works out.

5:08 AM IST: Avi (Sirish) in same class as Neha (Rukshar). Avi eyeing her while she helping him with classes

5:20 AM IST: Raja is the baddie trying to extract money for Election Expenses from the College Students.

5:25 AM IST: After some college scenes, Time for Mella Mellaga Song.

5:40 AM IST: Allu Sirish irks Raja. The former becomes popular with his Simple Living and is on TV. Followed by Celebrity Song.

5:45 AM IST: Allu Sirish on TV Show ‘Koffee Time with Kishore’ with Vennela Kishore

Movie Going into Serious Mode with a lack of interesting moments.

5:55 AM IST: Avi (Allu Sirish) and Bhargav (Raja) in Youth Icon Competition with Prize Money of Five Lakhs. Avi wants the money to go back to the USA but acting like caring for the Poor to win. Fights against Bhargav’s Chemical Factory.

6:10 AM IST: Avi wins Youth Icon Award. Bhargav gives a Tempting Offer which will help him go back to USA. But Avi changes totally explaining the people his background.

6:15 AM IST: Movie Comes to An End. Stay Tuned for for Updated Point with Review Rating.

ABCD has a just okay first half with comedy working out here and there. But that is not sufficient to help the film at the box office. The latter half of the film struggled in a serious mode without any interesting moments. The abrupt ending also did not help the cause. Coming to songs, Mellaga is good. Production Values are disappointing. Finally, Allu Sirish may have to face one more failure in his career.

Live Review Rating: 2.25/5