Actress Say No To Drugs With A Sexy Snap

Entire Tollywood Industry is shaking with drugs issue in Tollywood, many celebrities are mostly trying to escape from media not to face the question of their opinion on drug links in Tollywood. Some actors and actress are voluntarily coming forward and expressing their view in different ways through social media. Heated discussions are going on and heavy betting is also happening on the involvement of various top celebrities in the industry.

Most of the film celebrities are coming in support of those who were questioned, while some of them are refusing to comment. Star heroines like Samantha, Tamanna and others are keeping tight lipped in public appearances and are remaining silent on the drug scandal. Under these circumstances, senior actress Anita who made her debut in Tollywood with ‘Nuvvu Nenu’ and disappeared after starring in a couple of Telugu films is busy with a couple of Television show has now come with a bold take on the drug scandal.

She posted her hot picture showing herself in an ecstatic manner with drugs, a lighter and spoon lying beside her and captioned it ‘Say NO to drugs!!’. While she sent her message against drugs in a powerful, sensuous and beautiful manner, people are wondering who will relinquish drugs after seeing her ecstatic snap. Now, this photo going on viral on the net and the heroine sexy way of saying no to drugs hooked all.